Top Personal Development (8 Levels)-Termination Of Any Emotional Suffering

“Invest yourself into deep insight and personal experiment into the level of the practice that you desire to have your life in control without unwanted breakdown or tragic endings like other high achievers and celebrities.


You can avoid the internal suffering those had gone through like Steve job, Robbin William, Michelle Jackson, South Korean politician President of South Korea (2013 – 2017), Guo Wengui and his family.”

Profession Types with High Risks

This great platform has been made accessible to everyone who considers it valuable to consult us, to this end, Dr Angela Wilson has ensured to make herself available twenty-four seven, for as many as requested to be guided through this journey of life.

Achieving ultimate personal development can never be this easier, it’s ensuring that our clients(Followers of the Ultimate Self Mastery with Dr Angela Wilson) are coached through comfort-ability means but according to each persons’  needs which makes the efficiency of mastery with destiny achievable.


The road to success is never smooth, its full of gallops and pitfalls, sometimes barriers, even each moment has its way of ushering one to success or attain set goals.

“Learning the knowledge from different masters don’t make magic change in our destiny. We have to earn it from the within.”

“Each of us is unique and others experience cannot replace your first-hand experience and practice. So be ready to work on Ultimate Self Mastery with Dr Angela Wilson and you can accomplish top risk control, risk management and after crisis recovery  for the rest of your life.”


All work and no play makes the going tough, in essence, there is always need for unwinding, pleasure as well as relaxation.

Unwinding period is most enjoyed when spiced up by entertainment performers such as song artist, film superstars, comedians, show anchorman, athletes and perhaps models.

These performers are human just like we all; this which means they go through unpleasant situations of life, such as mental disorder, depression, emotional breakdown, addiction to sex or alcohol, drugs, unknown internal ailment and many more.

Most of the time we hear about their escapade and how they try to live a fake life to keep up with the standard they first portrayed to us. Also in the bid, if impressing audience, they take substances that would enhance high performance.

Once a step gets missing, the whole life may probably crumble, if not well managed.

Performers are front-runners; they seem to be the model of trendy things and activities.

The road to being a known performer is a very rough one, full of sacrifices, horrible experiences from people, unexpected challenges, anxiety and sometimes a kind of spiritual level up; this is same as keeping the status and remaining in the spotlight.

With this around them, sometimes they get their situations mismanaged; some keeps the situation to themselves and suffer in pain, or take unpleasant decisions like suicide or willful destruction of personal life and belongings.

A depressing death list of Performers includes River Phoenix. Actor, Stand by Me. Brittany Murphy. Actress, King of the Hill. Brandon Lee. Actor, The Crow. Brad Renfro. Actor, Ghost World. Heath Ledger. Actor, The Dark Knight. Jonathan Brandis. Actor, One Life to Live. Heather O’Rourke. Actress, Poltergeist. Corey Haim, Actor, the Lost Boys.

Performers are always filled with this on top of the world feeling; they have connections, they have money, fame, they get what the ordinary man may not get except by chance.

Entertainers are known to be involved in so many dirty and shady deals such as rape which results from addiction to sex and alcohol, drugs and the likes. These often form the basis on which many of them get doomed and fall.

Here are few samples: Hollywood Actor, Charlie Sheen was diagnosed with HIV, England Musician George Michale just died suddenly, England Comedian Robber William committed suicide, Hong Kong singer Queen Aita Mui-died of Cancer, Hong Kong Gong Fu Actor, Jacky Cheng-Son’s got doomed by the use of drugs. American Stage hypnotist Scott Lewis fell to his death from an apartment block in Sydney, Australia…. The list continues! 

Performers are humans; they deserve a better life. Dr. Angela Wilson, founder, and CEO of the Ultimate Self Mastery Academy has endeavored to help performers struggling in any area of life’s journey, to effectively imbibe the risk control antidote for result purposes through the academy’s high tech programs at hand.

Just like our computer system needs to get updated often and trouble-shoot to do away with associated risk control, to achieve a high-performance level, our internal mind need to be the overhaul to function well in whatever we do.

The wonderful risk control program Ultimate Self Mastery with Dr Angela Wilson is designed to help performers like Actors, actress, comedian, speakers, musician, dancers, etc. experience freedom and breaking spells set against their destinies.

Entrepreneur & Businessman

Business could almost be called the heart of life; there is virtually no area on planet earth without a business activity. This is because business is centred on the basic needs for existence and happy living.

The economic state of a nation is mainly determined by the success of various businesses; business succeeds when fundamental principles are followed.

Its hard to determine if a business will succeed or not; many businesses fall even after professional feasibility studies and market survey, the success of a business is more of luck, mastery, and destiny. No matter how high the threat or risk of a business is, the best advice is to always give a try; many successful businesses wouldn’t have existed, due to the weakness and threat encountered at the initial stages.

Every successful businessman or entrepreneur is seen as a skilful and perfect, yet, the success of the business may not be attributed to any of their efforts. And to some, their hard work, commitment, following fundamental concepts to book, help them succeed, it is no news that many still fail in business even with being right on all sides of what needs to be done, this is the major cause of worries and fear of an entrepreneur.

An Entrepreneur is known to be an innovator; he has all the praise when his innovations work right and bear all blame when anything goes wrong irrespective of the teamwork carried out to achieve whatever results. He is supposed to analyze risk, predict rightly take the necessary and right steps towards investment.

Nothing makes people go depressed faster than losing money (especially investments). Forecasting an event in business and the failure of it may keep a businessman in a depressed state for life; this is why Entrepreneur and business men are often filled with worries and fear caused by risk in investment. A crumbled investment may lead to a devastating situation such as sudden death, heart attack, suicide and a host of others.

The fact that business fail doesn’t mean it’s not once prosperous, a typical example is

An Austrian tycoon, investment banker Michael Treichl who allegedly sets his big mansion on fire and also found died, later on, his death was believed to be suicidal.

Entrepreneurs are known to be high performance, workaholics, their brain works almost at all times like a computer system, ruminating about one business or the other, every though is concerned on how to maximize profits.

With these, it ends up as accumulated stress in their body just like bugs in computers, failure to get this stress managed well has led some to situations like suffering mental disorder, addiction to alcohol, which may just be to celebrate the success of a business deal, but the result is, they are left with hangovers.

People in business who suffer setbacks or failures after a lot of hard work employing business development fundamental tips gets emotionally depressed, get addicted to the drug, commits suicide and few other unpleasant things.

Dr Angela Wilson’s concern on people in these situations cannot be quantified. She founded The Ultimate Self Mastery Academy to help proffer solutions to businessmen and entrepreneur who are one way or the other affected negatively and are interested in experiencing freedom; they must be willing to acclimate themselves to the ability to solve issues.

Dr Angela Wilson, The counselling coach, takes businessmen and entrepreneur on a systemized scheme that helps ease their brain and minds off the accumulated stress, teaches them to master risk prevention tactics, which stimulates the best result through working smart. 

The Ultimate Self Mastery with Dr Angela Wilson is a program designed to help people out of unpleasant situations, Dr Angela attends passionately to everyone that comes her way without sentiments.


The most significant burden of a thriving business or organization is always on the highest ranking executive popularly known as the chief executive officer (CEO). They are the primary bearer of responsibilities include making all corporate decisions, managing resources and the overall operations.

Marissa Mayer was hired as CEO of Yahoo in 2012. Much was expected of her. Five years later, her time at Yahoo was marred by slowing growth and internal dissent, leading to plummeting employee morale and calls for her resignation.

Travis Kalanick spent quite a lot of time trying to make a taxi app the world’s most valuable startup, but his ride as CEO of Uber came to an end after a seemingly endless series of scandals were raised about him.


CEOs functions like a computer and not just like a machine; a simple overheating, virus attack or just bugs can trigger a breakdown or malfunctioning of a system. Likewise the CEO of an organization. It would be wrong to think these CEOs do not break down, just because of the way they are all over their staff, requesting for more commitment and contributions, they do, they get overwhelmed with stress and anxiety.

These people often experience panic situations, they make risk predictions and remain very anxious waiting for result and manifestations of their predictions.

The most sensitive position in a firm is the office of the CEO, answerable to all questions from the board of directors or owner of the company, who expects nothing but results, any summons from them often leads to a panic situation.

This office is posed with lot of challenges such as: Expected High Performance in a Short Period, Finding capital, meeting up with Consumer expectations, Marketplace competition, the virtual workspace, Market oversaturation, Conflict Combating, Cybersecurity Threats,  Management, Hiring the Right Talent, running promotions to stay Competitive, Creating Growth and above all maintaining a Work-Life Balance.

With a load of pressure on a CEO to manage many departments and operations of a company at once, he organizes the teamwork style with a defined framework. We would agree that maintaining a balance between life and work is a continual struggle. Time must be managed properly with clear boundaries to effectively achieve a perfect stress management.

Many CEO struggles with universal issues of life like depression, addiction to sex or drugs, drinking alcohol these are aside from the stress at work, anxiety to breakthrough and meet set goals.

The ‘Ultimate Self Mastery with Dr Angela Wilson’ is designed to help CEOs in areas of risk predictions, achieving high-performance level through a stable mind free of troubles. The program updates one’s functionality in minimizing risk in business or investment without the need of paying for an unaffordable price.

Dr Angela Wilson remains the best coach with such organized program scheme, which helps activate the internal power needed to stabilize the processing of the message from the internal control system of the body.

She is concerned with removing bug-like elements from her follower which could be the CEO before embarking on the restructuring that helps in stress management, achievement of desired set goals, and living in freedom.


Every government formation is made up of leaders; these leaders comprise of elected office holders, people selected based on recommendations or appointment and all that.

It is no gainsaying that every political setting is a gathering of people with strong willpower, always determined to attain power by laid down means and otherwise at other times. Each team is often known as a party.

Individuals in the political game are widely known and respected, as much as they create for themselves through whatever platform they found suitable and they often belong to.

In the bid of attaining power a lot of politicking takes place, some are worth celebration; while sometimes defeat is being managed and absorbed by parties involved. Every political party works their tactics through organized teamwork.

Winners today may not be winners forever, likewise losers, winners strive to maintain the height they are while losers want to change place, get the much-coveted power and become

famous and celebrated.

An active politician is a risk taker and a risk manager. The political game revolves around high risks, from risk assessment to risk prediction and then to risk management.

The ego that accompanies power and authority sometimes supersedes the level of maturity and how to manage oneself, a lot of top world leaders have faltered as a result of this, giving yield to trivial falls through sex addiction, drunkenness, lack of rest, drug addiction and abuse, ailment and diseases and the likes. This same ego and past glories push them in making a wrong risk assessment, and at the end of the tunnel, it leads to unwanted or an unavoidable stress.

Failures at elections have ways of creating emotional depression, worry, hypertension and heart attack in some cases especially if stress management is not well handled.

Whatever the case may be, it should be noted that for every problem there is a solution.

Politicians are as active as a computer system; their brains work like a machine, the same way a machine could break down, they are likewise liable to unpredictable breakdown.

A breakdown of a major political bigwig may lower the expected output.

The Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela Wilson was established on the basis of assisting people in this category gain back their life and lives in freedom. The only condition involve is the willingness to follow the techniques of the program as being though by the Brand owner Dr Angela Wilson.

Dr Angela Wilson, The therapeutical coach, teaches not just to understand but to empower followers to get solve issues on their own through correct internal dialogue; she is gifted in coaching anyone, high profile personalities as politicians on how to properly handle stress management, analyze and perfectly make risk predictions with accuracy.

The ‘Ultimate Self Mastery with Dr Angela Wilson’ program helps achieves a lifetime relief; it activates the internal power of the politician for maximum results. The awesome program was shaped out of the will to help people in this situation, and it’s based on the founder’s experience in critical and life-threatening situations, basically made up of persistent chronic suffering.

DR Angela Wilson’s coaching system basically refurbishes the mind to proficiently handle complicated performances and situation yet achieving objectives as expected.

The following are some reasons why people are struggling while they are
in pursuit of A  Lifetime Success?

  • Most of the personal growth and personal development techniques make us very confused. We Waste Too Much Effect, Time and Money Learning techniques but eventually, we can’t experience and identify those techniques with a tangible result. Many blind-spots in workplace and life cannot be understood and tested with the First-hand Experience, anticipated and managed, which will force the direction of our lives to go out of the control due to some unexpected changes.

Most options in personal development fail to offer a systemized solution that can integrate all different aspects of business, career and personal life into one. It is very energy, effect, time and money consuming. There are a lot of conflicts and exceptions that are not able to cover into one system. ‘Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela Wilson’ is able to align all into one.

  • Most certified professional teachers can not maintain the purity of their energy field in this materialistic secular life, so naturally they don’t have the ability to tackle  different complex situations of different students, let alone instruct them.
  • Many contributed so much timewise or money without convincing result. Even there is doubt deep inside, they still choose to stay. This reluctant and conflicted attitude comes from the fear of mysterious power their master may have in control.
  • Religious practitioners and those who live in reclusion will not reveal the core points and principles of techniques that they know, and those techniques are limited with certain religion, so the energy field is also limited. They may even ask students or believers to get rid of carnal thoughts like themselves, which causes great conflicts with students’ lifestyle. Therefore, it obviously can not solve the practical problems.

In addition, not everyone has the financial ability to pay for tutors who have great various comprehensive qualities as their long-term private tutor. Even though they are able to afford one, they have to make appointments several months or even years in advance.


This is why I decided to reveal and teach all of my techniques and condense them to a three-day refined course. So in your future life, you can apply these techniques and principles to all kinds of situations.


During the three-day course, you can learn the steps of secret techniques that are “proven”, and continuously create and be familiar with many common flexible methods that fit human nature when you are putting the techniques into practice.

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