1.Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela Wilson

Dr Angela Wilson has utilized her knowledge and skills to develop the Ultimate Self Mastery training. She offers one-on-one coaching that will help you life a more fulfilling and prosperous life.

2. Dr. Angela Wilson is a highly qualified transformational coach

A:Dr. Wilson has had 45 years of experience in various disciplines relate to life coaching – Psychotherapy, Life Coach, Counselling, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Nutrition, Dietitian, Qi Gong, I-Ching Readings, Soul Regression Therapy, Psychic readings, Past Life Regression Therapy, Transpersonal Art Therapy, Spiritual Knowledge & Philosophy, Parapsychology, Energy/Energetic Healing, Natural Spiritual Healing, Mindfulness Therapy, and more.

3. Dr. Angela Wilson uses a hybrid approach to her training

A:Dr. Wilson applies a technique to her training that is unique. She pulls from her experiences and knowledge from the various disciplines which she has been a part of throughout her lifetime. Each training is tailored specifically for each individual.

4. Dr. Wilson uses more than just a neurolinguistic approach

A:This new training goes beyond the most conservative therapies, coaching, counseling, healing principles that align with internal personal development. The technique works in tandem with your own internal energy to achieve desired results covering the entire life journey in business, career and personal life.

5. Dr. Angela risks her life to help others to achieve ultimate success in all aspects of life

A:Dr. Angela Wilson is one of the extremely few mentors in the world who dares to risk her life to test and study all different kinds of techniques in order to dig out the hidden secret behind.

6. Dr. Angela has been using her internal energy to overcome life’s challenges since birth

A:Dr. Angela who grew up seeing the works of her parents, both doctors, is the living proof of surviving from all sorts of inextricable problems and impossible situations in her life. The key to her approach is benefited from her unbearable upbringing, conquering fear and applying this to all spheres of life.

7. Dr. Angela is patient, sensitive and gentle with her training, but aims to achieve lifetime results

A:Dr. Angela’s personality is welcoming and she is very approachable. She tailors her coaching based on your own internal energy and works with you to achieve the success you desire.

8. Dr. Angela offers you the right to your privacy

A:Your privacy is highly valuable and as such you are given the option to take the entire training without having to reveal your name, address and so on.

9. Dr. Angela Wilson pursued her desire to help others after being inspired by a great motivational speaker

A: Over a decade ago, Dr Wilson was inspired by Anthony Robbin to provide a practical method that helps people to win at life without the need for a follow-up session.

10. Dr. Angel Wilson practices in Australia and provides remote training

 A.Dr Angela Wilson was born in mainland China and now lives and practices in Australia. Her coaching course is borderless, however, as persons all around the world can register and benefit from the entire experience wherever they are.


11. It is a programme that helps you achieve ultimate success

 A.The Ultimate Success module emphasizes on achieving success in life by relying on your own internal energy.

12. Training focuses on success throughout the entire life journey

 A.This module takes you through a training of life’s journey to achieving success in your business, career and personal life all in one.

13. Ultimate Success yields lifetime results

A.The training uses your own internal energy as you go through the eight levels of the training. This eliminates the need for recurring coaching sessions or attempting to rekindle your drive for success in any other way, such as through external forces.

14. Ultimate Success helps to achieve internal freedom

A:During training you will tap into your inner core to achieve internal freedom, which helps you to achieve ultimate success.

15.This training is unique to each individual

A:The ultimate success training applies eight levels of training that are tailored specifically for each individual’s needs. Therefore, no two persons will get the same exact lessons even though the procedure remains the same.

16. Ultimate Success is a unique formula for success in modern society

A:The training uses more than the neuro linguistic or other contemporary therapy techniques used by great motivators like Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbin and John De Martini to achieve your desired success in today’s society and beyond.

17. It is an eight-level programme for success

A:Within eight levels, you will achieve life-changing breakthroughs that are ultimately irreversible.

18. This is for persons who have a high drive to succeed

A:If you’re desiring to achieve ultimate success and abundance in your life, the ultimate success coaching sessions with Dr. Angela is for you.

19. Does not rely on an external drive to succeed

A:You only use your own internal power throughout each level of practice to achieve success.

20. You achieve irreversible success with this training

A:Due to the nature of the training, internal blocks are replaced with the right energy and fervour that maintains the drive to succeed.

----------------> Ultimate Leadership -------------------------------->

21. This is for persons who are born leaders


This training helps you to unleash the leadership skills that you have within you.

22. This is the ultimate leadership training

A:If you have a drive to lead people on a large scale, this course is for you. It helps you develop your desire to becoming a great leader.

23. This is the ultimate leadership training to becoming an effective leader

A:This training is designed to help leaders to lead effectively and without fear or stress.

24. Become fearless leaders within an eight-level training

A: As you move through each level, you will become a more confident and fearless leader.

25. This ultimate leadership training is for anyone around the world

A: This training is ideal for determined persons all over the world seeking to develop their leadership skills.

26. The training applies your own internal energy to drive you

A: It uses your own internal energy to help you to become a leader throughout all spheres of life – personal, business and career.

27. Your leadership training is unique to your needs

A: The leadership training is a standard procedure that is uniquely tailored for each individual.

28. The training helps people who have the natural ability and drive to lead others

A:If you have natural leadership abilities and you desire more, this course is for you.

29. This provides ultimate leadership training on conquering a life of stress

A:This technique helps you to get rid of the feeling of fear and anxiety of the unknown as a leader.

30. This ultimate leadership training will remain with you for a lifetime

A: is said to be achieved through an 8-level technique that is said to transcend a lifespan.

----------------> Ultimate Health -------------------------------->

31. This is a holistic training

A:This training helps your mind, body and soul as you aim to achieve success in life.

32. This programme helps you regain confidence to lead a successful life during illnesses

A:The training with Dr. Wilson inspires you to achieve your goals even when you are suffering from illness.

33. The training provides opportunity for breakthrough in spite of undiagnosed diseases

A:This training helps persons to have a completely life-changing experience and to live their true potential in spite of being diagnosed with rare, incurable or undiagnosed diseases.

34. This helps persons living with incurable diseases to regain control of their destiny

A:The programme is designed to teach persons how to save self and change or be in control of their own destiny.

35. Dr. Wilson’s training provides a formula for success for all persons with undiagnosed diseases or even incurable diseases

A:If you’re suffering from any kind of illnesses such as HIV or cancer but want to achieve full abundance and great success this course is ideal for you.

36. This training helps you to achieve success in the midst of illness

A:The training delves from within to help you conquer your fears and the stronghold that illness might have over your life.

37. The training offers a unique eight-level technique for achieving peace of mind

A:The programme helps you get rid of the stress that comes with treatments and life insurance plans by applying the lessons unlocked within each of the eight levels to your daily life.

38. The training helps you to change your life around for good

A:This training helps persons to push through their illnesses to be the success they desire to be by unleashing their own internal power.

39. This programme helps you remain motivated to succeed

A:This unique programme is designed to help you develop your mental ability and drive to succeed despite health complications.

40. The training does not force you to accept new philosophies or ideas

A:Individuals benefit greatly from this course because it uses their own internal energy and drive to achieve success and greatness, without having to alter their own mindset or philosophy.

----------------> Ultimate Intimacy -------------------------------->

41. The training helps persons who are going through relationship issues

A: If you are seeking a fulfilling intimate life, this programme is for you.

42. The programme helps you to conquer the stresses of a toxic relationship

A:With this training, individuals can reverse the impact of a toxic relationship and towards more stable and healthy relationships.

43. This training helps persons struggling with their marriage

A:The unique formula is designed to help persons overcome the with issues that can come with marriage life that might be affecting their own intimacy.

44. The training is for persons who have had breakups that have had a great negative impact

A:If you have experienced bad breakups and determined to move past it to achieve ultimate intimacy and success, this is the ideal training for you.

45. The programme helps you regain control of your intimate life

A:If an ugly breakup or divorce is having a negative impact on the way you relate with current love interests you can benefit greatly from this training.

46. Dr. Wilson’s training goes through eight levels with you to achieve successful relationships

A: If you are tired of going through the same negative emotional rollercoaster in your intimate life, this unique training is for you.

47. This training provides you with the internal freedom to achieve ultimate intimacy

A:With this training, individuals are empowered to have better relationships with their partners and lovers.

48. Your privacy is protected in this training

A:You can go through the entire process of regaining control of your intimate life, with this unique training without having to reveal your name.

49. The training helps you to overcome the effects of abusive relationships

A:With this training you can overcome depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts and can be attributed to physical and non-physical hostility that may occur during conflicts with a partner.

50. This training helps you achieve a life of intimacy and meaningful relationships

A:This training applies the use of your own internal energy to help you to stop enduring casual and meaningless relationships and enjoy a life of intimacy.

----------------> Ultimate Parenting -------------------------------->

51. The training helps you a become successful parents

A:This training is for parents seeking breakthrough training that can guide them along their parenting journey.

52. This is a unique guide to parenting

A:This training helps parents to use a different approach to dealing with issues arising from nurturing and raising their children

53. This ultimate parenting training yields results that last for a lifetime

A: This unique one-on-one training can help parents to better deal with the issues of parenting as it relates to their business, career and personal life.

54. This training does not aim to change your own ideologies or philosophies on parenting

A:The training applies an internal energy from within each individual without corrupting or changing your ideologies and philosophies.

55. The programme provides a solution for parents dealing with the issues that come with bearing

A: Dr. Wilson’s formula is designed to help persons along the entire journey of parenting, from conception to the grave.

56. The training helps parents who have been through a miscarriage to regain confidence

A:This training is ideal for parents seeking to get through the effects of miscarriages and seeking to overcome the fear of bearing another child, depression and suicidal thoughts.

57. The training teaches parents to activate their power from their own internal energy

A:With this eight-level training, parents are empowered to live a prosperous and fulfilling life that helps them achieve breakthroughs in all spheres of their lives

58. This a training is designed for creating strong and meaningful parent-child bonds

A:With this technique, parents who face various types of  issues in their parent-child relationships can achieve better relationships.

59. The training helps parents to be better at their job as parents and successful in their overall life.

A:This training includes a structure that helps to individuals to move past the issues resulting from bad experiences during parenting and live a life of success and abundance.

60. This is a practical training that helps parents along their journey

A:The training provides a more practical option for parents when compared to therapy, counselling that may require follow-up sessions and are not guaranteed to work.

----------------> Ultimate Adversity -------------------------------->

61. This is a game-changing self development technique

A:This eight-stage self-development training technique uses a nine-angle approach to empower individuals faces various types of adversities.

62. This is a remote one-on-one training that reserves your right to privacy

A:Although many clients don’t mind giving away personal details, persons still have the option to do the entire remote training without having to reveal their identity.

63. The ultimate adversity module helps persons facing issues of adversity

A: This stage is deemed as specifically designed for persons who have experiences of discrimination or abuse of any kind.

64. The training helps persons overcome post-traumatic syndromes and lead successful lives

A: This course is ideal for you if you have experienced the rigors of prison or being in a war that can lead to serious post-traumatic syndrome and hinder and desire a successful life of abundance and peace of mind.

65. The training provides help to persons suffering in the workplace

A: If you desire successful results while in the workplace, this training is ideal for you.

66. The programme is designed to help persons who are struggling with a business

A: If you are finding it hard to grow your business and desire ultimate success then this unique success training is for you.

67. The Training Resource is safe

A: The training incorporates the use of one’s own internal energy within the training process and daily practice.

68. This is a noninvasive procedure that yields results guaranteed

A:  Unlike typical therapy sessions, this technique delves into each person’s energy to unleash an internal power that can restore balance and stability in one’s life and on the road to achieving great success.

69. This training takes you through eight steps to get rid of internal blocks

A:Persons may go through eight levels of training to get rid of any internal blocks that can be causing suffering in their personal, career or business life.

70.The training provides an opportunity to turn a life of adversity to a life of success

A:With this programme, individuals are given the opportunity to turn their lives around in the face of great adversity towards stability and great success.

----------------> George Michelle -------------------------------->

71. This course is for persons who face issues related to diversity and inclusion

A:The training provides help with dealing with issues pertaining to diversity and inclusion.

72. The training allows people to successfully function in diverse environments

A:The training is designed to help persons succeed in diverse environments.

73. This is the ultimate diversity advantage formula

A: The training is ideal for people from different locations and ethnic backgrounds who share physical and virtual spaces and desire a life of success.

74. The training helps business owners and leaders achieve great outcomes in diverse environments

A: This training programme can help with workplace management in relation to diversity.

75. This success training is the ideal solution for persons in positions of leadership

A: Entrepreneurs, business owners, doctors, and just about anyone who is in a position of leadership, this is the ideal training for helping you achieve ultimate success.

76. The training focuses on achieving success by integrating the various aspects of life.

A:This is ideal for persons seeking a life of ultimate success in their business, personal and career life.

77. This training helps persons within diverse communities achieve success in the modern world

A:Using a modern hybrid technique, persons from diverse ethnicities and backgrounds are guaranteed to achieve the success they desire

78. In this diverse world or success formulas, this programme uses one’s own internal power

A:The training is designed to work with one’s own internal energy resulting in a seamless transfer and application of the lessons learned during training into daily life.

79. This programme is ideal for purpose-driven individuals

A:The training helps individuals of a high consciousness with a high drive to live a comfortable life, free of stress, depression or fear to walk into their greatness.

80. It is a globally-diverse training

A:The training is ideal for persons who struggle with modern global diversity and have an internal drive to improve their standard of living, towards success.

----------------> Ultimate Life Purpose -------------------------------->

81. It is a self-actualisation training

A:This training helps persons unlock the true purpose of their existence.

82. This training is ideal for persons seeking to discover their life’s purpose

A:This is a life-purpose programme that helps persons to unearth their inner power and lead a successful and meaningful career, business and personal life.

83. This training helps persons understand the the stages of life that they go through

A:If you are seeking answers on your quest to greatness and success, this is the ideal training for you.

84. The training helps you to understand yourself

A:The training applies a unique technique that helps you with understanding the tangible self in relation with the intangible ‘spiritual’ self.

85. It is an eight-step formula for revealing self truth

A:This training helps you to recognize your truth and embrace your inner greatness.

86. This training helps you to find yourself

A:If you are struggling with self identity and you have a internal drive for great success this programme is ideal for you.

87. This is a foolproof formula for success

A:This is a one-on-one success training session that works and doesn’t require expensive follow-up training sessions.

88. This is a one-time investment for a lifetime of success

A:Dr. Wilson designed a unique training that gives you lifetime results and saves time and money.

89. The training has a specified deadline according to each individual need

A:The programme is designed to help persons to achieve their desired breakthrough within a specified time. The specific cores skills will, therefore, vary for the best reasonable results within the deadline needed.

90. This eight-stage ultimate life purpose training is irreversible

A:This is similar to the concept of a software update on a digital device, wherein each update would lead to higher performance and cannot be reversed. Once a person has moved past one level they get to a higher level of performance.

----------------> Ultimate Soul Intelligence -------------------------------->

91. It is a systemised training that covers nine angles all related to soul intelligence

A:The Ultimate Soul intelligence and development aspect of the 9-module training is inextricably linked to all the other aspects of the physical life.

92. The training focuses on nine modules which tie in with all aspects of your life

A:It encompasses the way one deals with their health, social, business and family life as well as their purpose in life.

93. It is a soul intelligence formula for success

A: The training empowers individuals to strengthen the spiritual self within as they seek to achieve a highly valuable life that is full of success and abundance.

94. This is not a religious-affiliated training

A: The technique is not quite similar to the kind of treatment one would receive at a religious seminar. It uses a hybrid technique that focuses on the power of the inner self.

95. It is the ideal training for great leaders who aspire to be even more successful

A:The training is most beneficial for persons with great ambition who serve on a large scale with a burning desire to be greatly successful.

96. This is a one-time formula that tackles all of life’s issues

A: Due to the range of issues this training spans, persons can receive a one-time deal on a formula that tackles various life issues – reducing the likelihood of shopping around for different solutions for issues of different aspects of one’s life.

97. This is not a typical session with a psychiatrist or counselor

A:The training is a remote one-time session that occurs remotely.  at a session with a psychiatrist. It rather teaches persons how to save self and lead their own destiny by applying their own internal energy.

98. It is a unique tool for soul development and overall life improvement

A:It is one of the most powerful techniques to becoming an influencer and discovering one’s life purpose in modern society.

99. This training does not teach any new ideologies or philosophies

A:The unique nature of the training diminishes the possibility of conflicts with one’s own mindset or philosophy.

100. This is a training that helps persons to grow holistically

A: With this training, Dr. Wilson (who was inspired by Anthony Robbin), is on the journey to serve those who desire growth in their spiritual self to make a difference in reality.


101. Ultimate self-mastering program with Dr Wilson is accessible to all.

102. The program is not just a life builder but a destiny rebuilder.

103. The program is not just in storage device but runs a practical class for tutorial.

104. The program doesn’t stop at creating awareness for followers about the systemized. techniques but full understanding of it and ensuring it becomes part of the follower.

105. Access to interact directly with a listening life coach.

106. Followers are trained to become a master of destiny.

107. The healing coach is the CEO; she handles every one’s cases one on one.

108. The program cuts across all aspect of life.

109. Program does not only attend to a particular issue but affects the whole life journey

110. Program is systematically categorized, the 9modules 8 level scheme helps categorize each followers area of need.

111. Self-mastery programs with DR Wilson correct and provide solutions to critical and life-threatening situations.

112. The program is purely for those who are convinced and possess a willing heart and not just people who are compelled they need the program.

113. Program is centered on real and practical life issues, like depression, stress management and so on.

114. The program activates the internal power needed to stabilize messages from the internal control system of the body.

115. The program is an antidote to creating and maintaining a Work-Life Balance

116. The program educates one on pragmatic things to do in a confused or unpleasant situation.

117. The program is known as a high performance enhancer.

118. Ultimate Self Mastery with Dr. Angela Wilson is bridging the gap between western and eastern philosophy, it converts philosophy to practical reality

119. The program is widely known as a scheme that helps experience freedom.

120. Dr. Angela attends passionately to everyone that comes her way without sentiments.

---------> BENEFIT COMPARING WITH OTHER PROGRAM ---------------->

121. All other programs teach for the sake of knowledge which is incomparable to Dr Wilson’s impactful teaching which does not only come for knowledge but with basic understandings of rudiments involve.

122. Ultimate self-mastery is a program that makes you a doer; you are trained to do things without interference.

123. With ultimate self-mastering your essential need is given priority not just teaching you things that doesn’t meet your needs.

124. Other programs are run by people (life coaches) who undergo training as a result of the need to have something doing, at ultimate self-mastery academy, you are trained by a life coach who was once in the position of experiencing unpleasant situations with a personal and practical experience.

125. Dr Wilson is not just a life coach , she is a therapeutic coach

126. Ultimate self-mastery academy programs are conceptual programs that focuses on real life issues

127. The programs is not all about selling tapes or books but involves practical tutorials which is done one on one.

128. Most programs out there runs with lot of members in same class, at Ultimate self- master academy a one on one tutorial approach is adopted.

129. Followers are coached through comfort-ability means but according to each person’s needs which makes the efficiency of mastery with destiny achievable.

130. The ultimate self-mastery program is a averter of destiny destruction, it rebuilds destiny through mastery of the fundamental techniques taught at the academy.

---------> BENEFITS OF BUSINESS ---------------->

131. Ultimate self-mastery program is beneficial to business owners as it educates then on how to manage stress

132. The program is equipped with high tech systems that helps in risk prediction, risk management and taking calculated risk

133. The program helps in living a work-life balance

134. The program helps in averting depression

135. The program equips business owners how to handle pressure

136. It teaches business owners how to manage and handle failures and disappointment of offers

137. The programs teach business ethics, relation with every business elements such as clients, flow of supply and demand etc.

138. The programs teaches business owners how to solve issues

139. The program educates business owners on what level he is, and how to improve or get better using the 9 modules 8 level scheme.

140. The program allows business owners to relate their business with Dr Wilson who is also a CEO and learn practical on how businesses are being run

---------> BENEFITS FOR CAREER ---------------->

141. Ultimate self-mastery program with Dr Wilson is a soul developer to enhance pursuit of career.

142. The program educates one in finding purpose for life

143. The program teaches how to navigate towards fulfillment of ones life’s purpose

144. The program prepares the mind towards achieving maximum success.

145. The program has the benefit of teaching on how to recognize truth, acknowledge the purpose of existence, and understand the stages of life.

146. The program helps to learn the most effective formula, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) which is meant for attaining the peak of one’s career.

147. The program is packaged with a tailored coaching scheme which includes standard course that help persons discard fear of failure

148. The program helps develop career pursuers to be firm and focus without being in fear or anxiety.

149. The program educates one on being a pioneer, frontier, influencer in one’s line of career.

150. The program is equipped with a formula that tackles various life issues which includes career.

---------> BENEFITS FOR PERSONAL LIFE ---------------->

151. Dr Angela Wilson’s program educates one on health issues with new hope for persons who might have lost confidence in their capacity to lead a successful life.

152. The program helps one in living a balanced and sound health life

153. It educates one on how to be in control of his or her destiny

154. It’s a formula for success for everyone including those with incurable diseases.

155. The program teaches on how to handle burdens and pressures no matter how massive.

156. The program teaches on how to live a life void of tragic ending.

157. The program is similar to the concept of updating software on a digital device to bring about higher performance.

158. The program helps in discovering the ultimate purpose of life.

159. The training program is said to be intended to help persons achieve massive success

160. The program is equipped with a formula that tackles various life issues, the success of these helps to life a fulfilled life.


161. Young business owners or career start up persons are educated through high tech techniques that helps in risk prediction, risk analysis, risk management and taking calculated risk

162. They are educated on how to cope with stress and do away with stress where necessary

163. The program teaches startups how to manage and maintain a work balance life.

164. The program helps educates young business owners how to handle and manage business issues.

165. The program helps career startups identify, recognize their life’s purpose.

166. The program ensures their feet are grounded on fundamental means of achieving success and life’s purpose.

167. The program helps in becoming a master of destiny

168. The program prepares the mind towards achieving maximum success

169. The program has the benefit of teaching on how to recognize truth, acknowledge the purpose of existence, and understand the stages of life.

170. The program is concerned with the integration of various aspects of life which ideal solution for entrepreneurs, business owners and career startups


171. The program helps to identify and recognize their life’s purpose.

172. The program prepares the mind towards achieving maximum success

173. The program helps in becoming a master of destiny

174. The program is equipped energy and time savings solutions for skills development

175. the programs trains people to invest wisely in themselves, to truly tap into their inner self to bring out the best from within?

176. The program helps to learn the most effective formula, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) which is meant for attaining the peak of one’s career.

177. The program prepares the mind towards achieving maximum success

178. The program develops followers to become an influencer.

179. It educates one on how to be in control of his or her destiny

180. The program is a destiny shaper program


181. The program help them to identify their unique and ultimate purpose of life

182. The program educates them on how to make decision and actions towards achieving life’s goal.

183. The program develops one to be a master in whatever he does

184. The program educates one on how to get to the peak of ones endeavor

185. The program helps focus one’s mind on achieving fulfillment

186. The program equips one to be a game changer

187. The program has the attribute to help one develop inner energy to achieve results

188. The program helps identify the potential leadership status and skills in middle aged persons.

189. The program develops the soul with the drive to achieve success and attain great leadership status.

190. The program teaches on how and why there is need to make great sacrifice when seeking great accomplishments.

---------> BENEFITS FOR RETIRED HIGH ACHIEVERS ---------------->

191. The program benefits retired high achievers how to maintain their leadership status

192. The program educates them on how to keep their children and those they mentor on track

193. The program teaches them how to maintain a sound and healthy life and living

194. The program enables retired persons cross check if life’s purpose was fulfilled.

195. The program teaches on how to live a life void of tragic ending.

196. The program teaches on how to handle burdens and pressures no matter how massive.

197. The program develops retired high achievers to become an influencer, model or mentor.

198. The program helps in keeping the internal energy used in achieving desired results

199. The program educated in analyzing the entire life journey (business, career and personal life.

200. Ultimate self-mastery is a program that makes one a doer; you are trained to do things without interference irrespective of age

***** Accelerator for success in Direct Selling Business implementation of 'Ultimate Self Mastery with Dr Angela Wilson' therapeutical coaching, counselling coaching and healing coaching apply. *****

201. Evaluation and Analytics on whether direct sell business fits your personality, the need for personal development, what you need to update in personality covering the total nine angles.

202.Build a strategy on how to integrate direct sell business into your life journey progressively without damaging current income, life pattern and build a smooth transition.

203. integrate direct sell business with your other income resource, like jobs, etc.

204. Public speaking skill

205. make-up for stage, dressing, personality shifting based on the needs

206. stress control, management and energy expansion skill when needed

207. active passion for the products and business.

208. Strong immune dealing with rejection

209. Effective time management and Commit to this business

210. Mind shifting and treat direct sell as a business

211. Mindset for success in Direct sell

212. Design Your ideal market and target audience based on your personality along the way.

213. Design a marketing strategy based on your resources.

214. Feel comfortable to be a sale person.

215. Learn How to qualify prospects at different stage

216. Learn How to provide reasonable promising

217. Learn how to earn money while having fun at different stage

218. skills on how to keep yourself outside the comfort zone

219. learn how to handle rejection questions comfortably at a different stage

220. You will be able to get epiphany on profit through internal message

221. shift your mind for sale at different scale alone the way

222. learn the skill not to bug family and friends

223. financial management along the way

224. skills on do remotely worldwide with expansion

225. Dealing with the complicated relationships with ease

226. Learn to notice prospects with your internal sense

227. Learn how to create a web or blog ense

228. Learn how to do video presentations, etc

229. Learn the scripts on how to talk to prospects in different situations

230. Create scripts on what to talk about based on situations

231. skills on how to get new leads

232. Mindset on how to deal with risk

233. skills how to build your brand, authority and influence

234. skills on how to coach team members

235. Get inspiration easily

236. coach your team how to get inspiration from their inner world

237. You can access unlimited success along with your practice

238. Good Team management skill

239. always stay top of yourself for productivity

240. Set up health check for a business plan and team management

241. How to automate your business

242. the best self-development can ensure your success within a deadline wanted

243. You can become the leader you want based on the level of practice

244. Mindset on how to keep top physical, emotional and mental health

245. Mindset on how to handle intimacy and keep the balance

246. Mindset on how to deal with children and family for lifelong positivity

247.Mindset on How to deal with pitfalls and adversity

248. Mindset on dealing with diverse for business success

249. Mindset on alignment for life purpose at different stages in life journey

250.Mindset on the alignment between success and soul development and spirituality. How to active the energy through direct sell