Oh the perils of potty training! One day your toddler nails it, the next day, multiple accidents.

It’s tough, but it doesn’t have to be according to renowned potty training expert and pediatric urologist at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, Dr. Preston Smith. He’s also the founder of Potty M.D. His potty training products are number one sellers on Amazon and he’s helping all of us stressed out parents!

So, let’s begin.

Tip one: Potty training can begin as early one-year-old, but you have look for signs the child is ready.

“You have to have a child who can describe their pee and poop habits, they’re able to help assist with their clothing, they hide and squat,” said Smith.

Tip two: You need the proper equipment. Nothing too extreme, just the basics, a little potty or a special toilet seat to start.

“You probably need some fun equipment like little rewards, whether it be M&Ms, stars, stickers,” said Smith.

Tip three: Make sure your child understands the bathroom.

“The kids kind of watch mommy and daddy do it and they’re familiar with all the processes and the flushings and the toilet papers and the gizmos,” said Smith.

Tip four: You have to be prepared to ditch the diaper! Smith said it can send your child mixed messages. He said potty training is considered a day-time activity so you can still use a diaper at night if you want to.

A little trick Smith recommends, use a Pull-up over the underwear.

Tip five: Use the method that works for your family. Whether it’s an intensive weekend course or you do it over time, it’s up to the parents to decide.


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