High Performance with Consistency

High performance in any shape of form can be a sign of overburning, and it can create an enormous barrier that requires aggressive and high effort to reverse, if without the knowledge and first-hand practice in the degree of reasonable action for both current need and future energy storage.

Lower Performance can depress our energy and slow down our process of achieving stronger power on steering our life direction in whole. When facing up and down moment, we will be so weak not to be able to survive mentally, emotionally and physically. Healthy high performance is an art that allows one juggles between action on temptation and refuses temptation.

To serve better, Ultimate Self Mastery Academy has experienced numerous changes in the name and the shape of forms since decades by the founder and CEO Dr Angela Wilson.

Started in 20th’s with market research and sourcing background in China for small foreign investment, Dr Angela Wilson got used to practising her talent picked up from childhood experience from high achiever doctors parent building up the conversation between high officials and successful entrepreneurs.

With the high sensitivity, she has been able to integrate responsive nature of internal suffering of self-driven achievers with her unique upbringing knowledge and insight experience from medical industry and herbal medicine practitioner for over ten generations.



Instant Solutions In Just 2hrs

Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela Wilson Covers 9 Angles +8 Levels

Book in Your 1-on-1 tailored video coaching for only $497.

You will get this e-book free as a bonus.

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For the 2 hours’ remote coaching, you will get the following:

1. Analytics based on your questionnaire

2. Clear with the causes of your concern at a different level.

3. Clear with the various options on how to fix them temporarily, periodically or permanently.

4. Clear on how to identify risks and protect yourself if you choose self-education or from other resources.

5. Action plan for temporary, periodical and lifetime needs.

6. Answers to all your questions

7. More tips, etc. will be provided if time allows.

In one word, you will hold the safe and ultimate recipe and action plan on how to live free without blockages that you don’t want to connect with.

Bonus: You will get the video recording free for your reference.

I will build a series strategy for you, based on your answers on questionnaire.

The steps are:
Step 1

You pay through PayPal or bank deposit and the payment is received.

Step 2

You will receive an email regarding questionnaire and appointment date and time.

Step 3

You fill in the questionnaire or provide your own questions list and email back to us.

Step 4

Dr will do an audit and analytics in your case, and this step usually consumes 3-4 hours.

Step 5

Dr will meet you online or by phone deliver the 2hrs remote coaching.

Step 6

You will receive an email with video or audio/PDF download link at the earliest convenience, normally between hours and 2 days.