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Below is the list of some professionals with high risks in a sudden breakdown or tragic ending.

Positions With Overloaded Tension

The road to success is full of hurdles and barriers, in the entertainment industry, the obstacles and miracles are the daily routines. Creativity and temptation can trigger severe issues in one’s life journey.

Here are some samples: Hong Kong Gong Fu Actor Jacky Cheng-Son’s Drug issue, Hollywood Actor Charlie Sheen-HIV, England Musician George Michale-sudden death, England Comedian Robber William-suicidal, Hong Kong singer Queen Aita Mui-died of Cancer,  American Stage hypnotist Scott Lewis fell to his death from an apartment block in Sydney, Australia.  A depressing list of


young death are River PhoenixActor, Stand by Me. Brittany Murphy. Actress, King of the Hill.Brandon LeeActor, The Crow. Brad RenfroActor, Ghost World. Heath LedgerActor, The Dark Knight. Jonathan BrandisActor, One Life to Live. Heather O’Rourke. Actress, Poltergeist. Corey HaimActor, The Lost Boys.

Business Owner & Investor

Business is often borne out of the idea of creating a solution for specific problems in a particular society.

It involves the bringing together of ideas and questions such as what are the basic needs or problems of the society I find myself, what can I offer them to get their issues solved, what are the essential needs who and who are my market?

Some other business owners come up with business idea formulated from their strength of resources alone, not thinking of the problem of the society, with these they think about where the market that fits could be situated and move there appropriately.

Business is all about risk prediction; it involves attempting to solve or provide basic needs irrespective of the closeness and readiness of those who need it(the buyer). A business owner or investor goes about predicting their product and service would be needed, this is a fifty-fifty chance.

In taking steps and decision relating to business, the business owner is the sole personality involve, he faces the stress of raising capital to meet up with demand, or requested supply. Few times some small firm bids for supply contracts from governmental ministries or bigger companies and wins the proposal, they are expected to make supply without initial deposit at this stage the investor or business owner bears it all, he encounters stress when facing millions and billions deal. A lot ruminates and revolves around his head, he wants to keep up with the standard expected and knows fully well, meeting up will help his business and business name grow in the right direction.

In the view of this many are times business owners take active steps to save their faces; they likely get overdraft or loan. These steps may become favorable or otherwise. If otherwise, it might lead the business into crisis.

A crisis is often a life-threatening moment in business coming with bad intentions like suicide, a crisis in business is never the end, but actions carried out by investors and business owners to embark on crisis recovery are what matters most, it may resuscitate or mar the business forever.

Business failure after every attempt of unsuccessful crisis recovery often creates grave and negative impact. Most of these situations set in when the business owner experiences depression when worrying bankruptcy.

In all of these, unpleasant situations, there is always a way out; there is no unique problem except special ignorance about how to handle issues.

One of the most exceptional ways of attending to these issues of life is meeting specialized experts like Dr. Angela Wilson who is a prominent one with vast experience on coaching business about handling issues in the journey of life.

Dr. Angela Wilson is a therapeutical coach who creates and teaches how to manage the internal world, fear, worry, anxiety, and depression when facing a business issue.

Dr. Wilson states some situations and issues of life such as physical emotional and mental breakdown may not be preventable in a certain condition, especially when not foreseen, yet it can be corrected.

As a holistic coaching with the background of therapy, counseling and healing, Dr. Angela Wilson runs a program titled ‘The Ultimate Self Mastery with Dr. Angela Wilson’ specially designed for ambitious businesses.

The program has been of immense positive effects helping business people shape and reshapes their life in the right direction.


Every society is being governed by a set of rules or laws, which are enacted by a group of people from the general people in the community.

The members of the group in charge of these rules are the Decision makers of that very society.

Decision makers are mostly elites, they sit in roundtable meetings to deliberate and make necessary decisions, policies and planned actions that the society needs to move forward, grow and get developed.

These set of people are not only found in government, but also in top managerial spots both in business and organizational setting; they involve coordination, organizing and planning at crucial points.

Often decision makers spend the nights sorting out things giving them little room for sleep and rest time.

The stress these set of people undergo remains immeasurable.

Decision makers are enigmatic, workaholic, never resting individual always tasking the brain, their brain thinks about policies to be enacted or followed, the same brain experiments these policies like it’s been tested to see if it’s going to make sense and achieve its aim or not.

Every working system needs rest, needs overhauling, the same way humans needs rest and needs refurbishment.

A perfect working computer may be attacked with bugs, virus or malware, to function well again, it needs to be worked on, get the bugs removed, reinstall certain plugs and software and get it updated to the latest version.

In the same vein, the stressed human brain can experience fatigue; it could also suffer mental imbalance hence there is need for mental risk management; this involves the prevention of 

any damage or elements that may lead to any form of imbalance in the mental and physical wellbeing of the human body.

Decision makers are key players when it comes to recovery issues either in business or an organization. In the process of recovering a devastating situation, many avoid the need to maintain Stress management on Business Recovery, not because they feel it’s not necessary but due to tight schedules.

Any failed attempt of a policy set by decision maker may lead to Mental breakdown for Life-it’s always a threatening moment due to fear.

Physical risk management for Devastating issue in business is one of the great things to be learned in the ultimate self Mastery with Dr. Wilson program.

Dr. Angela Wilson coaches decision makers uniquely to help them express and implement what the internal world is and how it functions.

The ultimate self-mastery with Dr. Wilson is a program that handles Anxiety management on Risk assessment for decision makers and anyone interested in learning from her.

The Ultimate Self Mastery with Dr. Angela Wilson program is designed to target the result within deadline. This nature can empower decision makers who want to avert or prevent unpleasant situations or get relief from such to achieve this efficiently and activate the internal power needed to achieve set objectives.

Dr. Wilson has been of great help to quite a number of decision makers after following her precepts. The program has seen some life-threatening situations get corrected.

DR Angela Wilson’s coaching system basically refurbishes the mind to proficiently handle complicated performances and situation yet achieving objectives as expected.


United we stand, divided we fall; this has been a long time quote, that means teamwork is one of the notable means of achieving success.

While some business activities cannot go well without the interference of others some can be operated without interference.

Partnership in business is not something strange in the world today, factors such as raising capital, need for an active or skillful partner are few among reasons why some businesses are operated based on partnership.

In a partnership business, Partners may not necessarily know each other aforetime; sometimes they come together based on recommendation or quest for what the other partner has to offer.

Partnership business comes with lots of merits and demerits; the merit of having partners includes attributes the business can benefit from team play such as skills and experience, connection, capital pool and many more.

The adverse effect of partnership business has made many lives ruined forever.

The human heart is deep, the thoughts in the human heart can never be known by another person.

Partners sometimes engage in division of labor; it helps achieve efficient Team-play and limits negotiation stress, as each partner handles his portion of responsibility rightly there is possibility of achieving success.

Ulterior motives can never be known until being acted upon; an unfaithful partner will always make other partners panic when deals with big capital are on point.

Different stories of this kind have been a recurring thing from generation to generation, due to this, there is almost natural anxiety caused by partnership in the minds of partners at any point in time.

It’s believed that few people avoid having partners in their business to secure their lives, and because they Fear the big lose in millions and billions deal.

Partnership deal has been the vehicle that drives people through the wrong road in the journey of life. When partnership is not well defined, sealed with legal documents or done with the right persons, encountering a life-threatening situation may be unavoidable.

Partnership business should not be void of trust, lack of confidence in a partner may also create unnecessary panic, which affects the well-being of the person may involve and it may also lead to wrong decision making.

Irrespective of the kind havoc created due to participation in partnership deals, there is always a solution to form a relief.

Depression caused by worrying about bankruptcy, profit or loss is a major thing that puts people in unpleasant situations.

In recent years, the essence of a holistic coach with skill in Therapy, conselling and healing tailored for business success cannot be overemphasized.

Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela Wilson’ is born to support ambitious businesses to remove root danger.

Her sharp and decisive coaching style blends in perfectly business world regarding to cost saving.

Dr. Angela Wilson enjoys coaching people suffering from critical and life-threatening situations systematically to regain lifetime relief and function efficiently.

Her program ultimate self Mastery with Dr. Wilson is a life-changing scheme created to rescue those who want to thrive in these kinds of situations.

Dr. Wilson appreciates that interested businesses are not just willing to learn for the sake of having this knowledge but get equipped to solve issues on their own.

Board of Directors

In recent years every organized unit with the mind of growing big does have a board of directors who govern and oversee the affairs of the organization.

Board of directors sometimes comprises of shareholders. They are stakeholders; they are in charge of overall decisions, giving approval and tasking the manager or CEO on objectives to be met.

Board of directors as the name implies means the office is full of responsibility, not just sitting at meetings with coffee, but working out models at which the organization must work with and succeed.

Members of board are often occupied with one activity or the other, they hardly have time for personal things, except for few who are enlighten to schemes.

They are preoccupied with going through reports, preparing speech or points to be delivered, making consultations and seeking what would suit the organization right.

Board of directors engages in different meeting for long durations with the mind of arriving at a decision that would bring nothing but successful result. They fear when making critical decisions, this is why deliberations take longer than expected sometimes.

The paramount goal of board of directors is always centered on avoiding financial crisis. They never mind what degree of stress they need to go through to ensure financial crises are averted; it’s believed anxiety in financial crisis is detrimental to their health.

Chronic internal sufferings due to overloaded tension on a daily basis are common traits people on the board of directors.

To all intent, there is virtually no assignment without stress, but the way in which pressure is being managed matters.

Directors see business meetings as their life; they view it as the reason for existence, they see investments more dearly than other things at most times. The failure of an investment sometimes leads to their ugly end, few others who do not believe in suicide wallow in mental breakdown during the severe moments in business.

To get back ones feet after initial fall of a business, may not be easy but it’s possible, it may involve getting access to therapeutical and counseling sessions as well as following the listed concepts closely and practicing them.

The Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr. Angela Wilson is a unique one that would educate any board member on the fundamentals to follow smartly to avoid stress and maximize profits in investment.

Dr. Angela Wilson is widely known as a healing coach. ‘Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela Wilson’ , the internal high-tech can easily handle different caliber of people with critical, life-threatening issues.

The good news is there is no hope for a negative result based on the nature of the technique.

Dr Angela Wilson is on a mission of helping those contributors who aim to achieve the internal peace needed for high performance.

Achievers such as a board of directors can avoid the sense of struggling in any area of life’s journey, to imbibe the risk control antidote in achieving set business goals efficiently.

Devastating Issue


Living in a world with individuals and groups mostly do the best for own interest can drive us into an unpredictable difficulty.

The more we desire to engage into this commercial world, the more completed situation we can lead us into.  Without practising a skill set of retreat at any time, we can be driven to the hell within. The emotional suffering can be tremendous and long-lasting to even several generations.  Keeping a Conscious wisdom in a complex world requires a high level of self-exploring from within.  Nothing else can replace the stable technique level of ultimate self mastery. 

Chronic Suffering

Pain and suffering usually a driven force for our achievement. The marks of the pain can be very obvious and always the trigger that leads achievers for a forced tragic ending. Chronic suffering can show as chronic physical, emotional and mental symptoms,  toxic relationship, the unsolved issue for ages, from personal life, business and career. It is the long-lasting contributor to a sudden breakdown and devastating, life-threatening scenario. Without have it fixed equals carrying a timeless bomb for explosion anytime.


Some reasons why 98% of professionals in corporate world End Up With Failure

  • All kinds of personal improvement and potential development techniques make us very confused. We want to learn the techniques but eventually give up because it wastes so much time and energy, and we can’t experience and identify those techniques. Many blind-spots in life can not be identified, anticipated and managed because of avoidance, which will force the direction of our life to go out of the control due to some unexpected changes.
  • Most certified professional teachers can not maintain the purity of their energy field in this materialistic secular life, so naturally they don’t have the ability to tackle  different complex situations of different students, let alone instruct them.
  • Many contributed so much timewise or money without convincing result. Even there is doubt deep inside, they still choose to stay. This reluctant and conflicted attitude comes from the fear of mysterious power their master may have in control.
  • Religious practitioners and those who live in reclusion will not reveal the core points and principles of techniques that they know, and those techniques are limited with certain religion, so the energy field is also limited. They may even ask students or believers to get rid of carnal thoughts like themselves, which causes great conflicts with students’ lifestyle. Therefore, it obviously can not solve the practical problems.

How to Avoid Tragedy That Peer Has Gone Through?

If one wants to have life in control covering the extreme situation, a mentor with guts to risk own life and have done that is the insurance.


Take a proactive approach and have the deeply hidden blockage removed as earlier as possible.


Practise a sense of intuition with accuracy.


Find a simplified training system that allows the flexibility of adapting various situations with less effort.

Need A Group Coaching? To save your cost, please book A ‘2hrs remote coaching’ as a start.

Need A Group Coaching? To save your cost, please book A ‘2hrs remote coaching’ as a start.