Fund health providers who don’t perform abortions

Congress is currently wrestling with legislation to address problems with the Affordable Health Care Act. The hope is that the final legislation will restore balance to the markets enabling consumers to purchase affordable health insurance.

The House and Senate bills differ in some respects but share common provisions such as the requirement that Planned Parenthood not receive federal funding. For those who believe that Planned Parenthood provides vital services such as cancer screening, it is easy to see why the move is controversial.

Why would any decent person not want to insure that their fellow citizens receive good, basic care? The challenge, of course, is that Planned Parenthood also performs abortions. Federal funds provided to Planned Parenthood are not supposed to be used for abortion services; however, it may be impossible to avoid mixing taxpayer funds with other sources of revenue that the organization receives.

Because of this uncertainty, would it not be better to provide funding to health care providers who are not associated in any way with abortion services? Planned Parenthood received $553,700,000 in federal funding for budget year 2015. The amount increased to $554,600,000 in 2016 but the organization provided fewer cancer screenings and prenatal services.

The number of abortions performed; however, increased from 323,999 to 328,348.

Surely, most Americans would agree that it is better to provide essential services funding to health care providers who do not provide abortion services. I believe this and hope that others will share their opinions with our Senators and Congressmen.


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