Terros Health unveils its first integrated model in Maryvale this week

After providing behavioral health care for nearly 50 years, Terros Health will begin adding physical health care treatment, offering a whole person integrated approach for the first time.

This week, the Phoenix nonprofit will open its first integrated center at 4616 N. 51st Ave., north of Abrazo Maryvale campus.

Terros Health is opening its first health center focused on caring for the whole person… more

People with mental health disorders are more likely than those without such disorders to experience alcohol, substance use or a chronic condition, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, said Dr. Randy Brazie, chief medical officer for Terros Health.

“People with co-occurring disorders are best served through integrated treatment,” he said.

With integrated treatment, practitioners can address mental and substance use disorders at the same time, often lowering costs and achieving better outcomes, Brazie said. In particular, early detection and treatment can improve treatment outcomes and the quality of life for those who need these services.

The nonprofit invested about $200,000 in the Maryvale Health Center to cover design and furnishings, along with all of the medical and computer equipment.

The new facility includes group therapy rooms, a mini gym/workout area and a snack shop run by patients. The center also features an onsite laboratory and pharmacy.

Patients also can apply for jobs through a partnership with Valley Life.

Terros Health has five other behavioral health clinics throughout the Phoenix area, but this is the first integrated center, said Jennifer Siozos, chief transformation officer for Terros Health.

Initially, the new center will employ a nurse practitioner and a medical assistant, she said. Other employees will be added as the center grows.

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