Effectively communicating with their children is a core responsibility of all parents. Not only can open communication with your kids make your job easier, but it can lead to improved behaviour, lower rate of alcoholism, and more positive social and academic achievement.

Today parenting is about being more proactive in your children’s development. As tech developers are creating devices that are easier to use, the more youngsters are embracing technology. Unlike our parents and grandparents who never had to face with the effect technology had on us until very late in life, dealing with parenting and the effects of technology is something that we have to face in our generation.

Raising kids have been known to be full of anxiety, tension and sometimes frustration. Now, multiply all that by a factor of 10 and you might come close to how complex parenting a teenager has been in the last couple of decades as digital technology took over. Suddenly, the parent job is not just to help children survive to adulthood, but also protecting them from barrage of problems that arise with the inevitable exposure of kids to technology.

Digital technology has become so important that it is practically impossible to stop your kids from using them. Just like clothing or electricity, technology has become a part of our lives that we can’t do without. Children today, take lessons online, read textbooks on iPads, spend a greater part of their day on social media and even shop online. The number of kids online are increasing more with each passing day. According to statistics from Common Sense media, 38 percent of children under age 2 have used a mobile device for playing games, watching videos or other media-related purposes.

While what most parents do with their own mobile phones is to play games, share a few stuff on Facebook and send a couple of emails, children, especially teenagers, do a whole lot more. The question now is: Is technology really safe for children? Look at it this way, technology allows more exposure, and with exposure comes more danger. So there is a possibility.

Monitoring your children’s use of the mobile phone without them seeing you as a control freak is rather a herculean task. This is where parenting technologies came as a blessing. Below is a list of top technologies that can help parents lead and guide their children through their growing years.

1. Qustodio

Qustodio is a world class web filtering engine which time limits with reporting features. It allows you to view your children’s status updates, pictures, friends and more on social networks. You could easily set a time schedule or set limits of how much internet time is allowed each day.

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This app gives you control to also decide which games and applications can be used and when. You know those moments when you wanted to know where your kids are but don’t know how to? Well, Qustodio allows you to track their Android, Kindle, Nook on a map. And your kids can reach out to you when they are in trouble. By adding an SOS button to their smartphone, location-based alerts will be sent to you in case of emergencies.

2. Net Nanny

Researchers from University of Hampshire conducted a recent survey of internet users between the ages 10-17. They found that, ‘’Forty-two percent of those surveyed had seen pornography in a recent-month span. And of those, 66 percent said they did not want to view the images and had not sought them out.’’

With the rising number of kids watching pornography online, parents need to find a way to protect their innocence. Net Nanny protects kids from pornography, cyberbullying and other threats to their safety online.

Parents can customize what Net Nanny will filter based on their unique preference for their kids. They can also monitor and block unsafe materials without necessarily while allowing the kids to access the internet.

3. mSpy

The content of the internet has little or no restrictions. Which means your children are exposed to all sorts of things that may destroy their moral chastity.

How would you feel about finding a way to spy on your kid’s online activities without them noticing? According to user’s generated mspy review on Spy Engage, mSpy is one of the technological tools that could help you monitor and manage your kid’s smartphone activities with ease. These kind of tools enable you to track information such as your kids call logs, SMS, and social media messages. The app also allows you access to photos and videos stored on their phone. Simply put, you can know what your child is doing on their Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

You can monitor who your children are talking to either on WhatsApp, emails or even on voice calls. And the best part, your kids would not even know that they are targeted.

4. Family Time

Family Time is one of the best parenting control apps. It effortlessly allows you to manage your kids screen time and even filters or block app on their devices with just a tap. You can also remotely lock or schedule your kid’s smart phones so as to allow them to concentrate on homework and also during bedtime.

It’s true parenting can be difficult especially for parents of teenagers, but with preparedness and technological leverage will make it a lot easier and may be fun.


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