“PARENTS often confuse ‘discipline’ with ‘physical punishment’ but they are very different. Discipline is not about punishment – it’s about guidance and positive reinforcement and a way of setting boundaries with love which makes children feel secure and safe,” said Zeidie-Lee Müller, the operations director of Victory Kids Early Intervention Centre and Academy for Children with Special Social and Educational Needs.

Müller will be sharing her knowledge and experience with delegates at the Parenting 911 Workshop this month.

The PE Express First Choice Kids & Baby Expo will continue its strong family focus this year with the launch of a new workshop, in collaboration with ecBF (Early Childhood Business Forum) called Parenting 911.

The workshop will be aimed at busy parents, au pairs, nannies, and preschool teachers, working with children between the ages of 0-3 years, and will be held at the Boardwalk Conference Centre on Saturday, September 30 from 9am to 12:30pm.

The Parenting 911 Workshop, presented by ecBF will cover the following topics presented by field experts: Musickin through mothering – influence of music on learning and mothering, Destressing parent and child, Sensory behaviour, and Discipline with love.

Müller will speak to delegates on how to discipline with love.

“For many of us parents growing up, discipline often meant punishment. It could leave us feeling hurt, upset and unfairly treated.

“These negative experiences make us afraid to discipline our own children as we are afraid that they would hate us and not have happy childhood memories,” explained Müller.

“Parents always ask the question at what age should we implement discipline?

“As parents, we need to implement discipline with love at all ages and stages of their lives.

“Being a mom of two boys, I realised that I am the parent and that I have the responsibility to care, clothe, nurture, love and most of all to discipline them through love.

“As parents, we are not raising our children for ourselves and only for today but for them to be adults one day. A positive approach to discipline is less stressful for our children and makes parenting more enjoyable. It takes patience but is worth it in the long run.

“Discipline uses love instead of fear to teach life-long skills and strengthen the bond with our children,” said Muller, who will be joining three other expert speakers at the workshop.

The delegate fee to attend the Parenting 911 Workshop is R150 which includes a light snack and entrance to the expo.


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