Mental health campaigners say the snack, which closely resembles M&Ms, stigmatises people with mental health problems and have called for the discount store to remove it from the shelves of its 896 stores.

Amongst the critics is MP Norman Lamb, a tireless mental health campaigner, whose sister committed suicide in 2015 and son Archie, 29, has faced his own battles with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Despite the criticism, Poundland said it has stocked the chocolates for the past 12 months and their popularity suggests they haven’t caused offense to customers.

However, the store did promise to assess the line at its next formal review.

Mr Lamb told metro.co.uk:’This offensive and stigmatising product should not have reached the shelves.

‘Retailers have a duty to act responsibly, but this was an appalling error of judgment by Poundland.

‘This sort of language makes it more difficult for a teenager to feel able to speak about their concerns and to get help.

‘It reinforces harmful stereotypes, and shows that we still have a long way to go to change attitudes towards mental illness.’

Dr Sophie Dix, of charity MQ: Transforming Mental Health, told The Sun: ‘Such offensive language and distressing imagery is a real step backwards.’

A Poundland spokesperson said: ‘These chocolate-covered nuts have been a customer favourite over the last 12 months and that popularity suggests it hasn’t caused offense to them.

‘However we listen to feedback, wherever it comes from, and we’ve already promised to assess this line at its next formal review.’

Source:  http://metro.co.uk/2017/09/13/poundland-urged-to-remove-appalling-snack-that-stigmatises-mental-health-issues-6924705/

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