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As strange as it sometimes seems to many fans, when you boil Teen Mom down to its roots, the show is about motherhood. More often than not, that means making difficult decisions that have lasting effects on your child. It’s no easy task. But it’s important to keep in mind that, even though their day-to-day lives may seem standard on the show, the Teen Moms don’t really live normal lives. They’re celebrities and are constantly in the public eye.

It’s impossible that their parents’ fame doesn’t effect the children of Teem Mom, even if the show tries to deny it! And who better to discuss this corruption with than the mothers themselves? At the VMAs, the cast members opened up about how fame has affected their kids — at least from their points of view.

Using Their Voice

When it comes to putting their child in the limelight, there’s one cast member who has been criticized far more than any of the others: Farrah. So, it should come as no surprise where this OG stood on the issue. She seemed perfectly proud of her choices and her child! “Sophia is killing it,” she told A.V. Club’s reporter. “Eight years old, first VMAs!”

Leah and Briana, who interviewed together, had a different outlook on the situation. “I let them use their voice,” Leah said, and Briana agreed, “Same here.” Leah continues, “When they want to film, they film.” Briana and Leah continue simultaneously, “When they don’t, they don’t!”

Briana adds that it’s the “[s]ame with Nova. She doesn’t like to wear her microphone, she’s like, ‘I don’t want to film today!’ I’m like, ‘Okay, just hide.’”

Leah says, “Sometimes they do, though! Sometimes they’re, like, all about it. But their room is their privacy, and they will use their voice to let me know.”



Amber Portwood’s ex, Gary Shirley, weighed in on how he raises Leah, focusing more on keeping her grounded despite their TV stardom. He says, “So I tell her — this is something we do all the time — I’m like, ‘Leah, are we more important than anybody?’ She’s like ‘Nope!’ [I say] ‘We’re equal, right?’ She says, ‘Yeah.’ Just cause we’re in a show doesn’t make us any different.”


Farrah returns to weigh in on how being in the limelight has affected Sophia, who is in the background of the clip, looking at all of the goings-on during the VMAs. She says, “Sophia’s always been very understanding of other people’s feelings, empathetic of it. We have a great relationship.” Farrah gets distracted as she watches Sophia stargaze, and says, “I think she’s just like… she’s so darn cute right now!”

Source:  https://www.teenmomtalknow.com/g/teen-moms-talk-parenting-while-famous/

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