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99% of successful professionals suffer from a sudden breakdown or a tragic ending.


Is it because they lack intelligence, the best resources or a motive?

No. It is because the jungle of reality triggers us to a wrong direction without the awareness of the danger before too late.

Most of the educations are struck in the dark ages.

The medical industry still creeps in the research process of the causes and treatments with less side-effect.

Remedy approaches struggle to convince the public of the result.

The spiritual option is still a myth regarding a realistic outcome.

Driven achievers understand the power of the mind, and may manage themselves through until the balance disappears.

After having risked own life in practising a variety of skills for decades, with the integration talent from internal power since birth, Dr Angela Wilson has polished the cumbersome procedure into a practical tool that one can have life in control with full awareness.

The simplified system can defend clients for the rest of life without getting lost. It brings prompt, punctual, fast results based on specific needs.

There will be no room for fear, worries and uncertainty anymore. A mind with clarity and 100% confidence is a given. The unnecessary overloaded tension vanish magically.

This is how: integrate the nine angles: success, leadership, health, intimacy, parenting, adversity, diversity, life purpose and soul development with the 8 level depth of practice into one for the outcome within a deadline.

This internal High-tech for the full potential gives one the flexibility in juggling goals and bridging the gaps between the confusions.

Life is a race. There is no room for hesitation. Let’s get started before the regret. Buy 1 Get 1 free. 2hrs remote coaching with Dr Angela Wilson will inspire you with a quick turnaround.

Our internal suffering in different shape of forms is caused by the nine angles like success, leadership, physical, emotional and mental health, relationship, parenting, adversity, diversity, life purpose, and soul development.

This suffering can damage our business, career and personal life even a tragic ending if we don’t learn how to terminate it.
There are five stages of degradation trend in business, career and personal life.

Stage 1. Chronic Suffering in each of the nine angles can trigger the damage. Without a proper fix, the problem can get worse on a daily base.

Stage 2. High performance and productivity are affected. The problem from Stage 1 can cause dysfunction on Stage 2.

Stage 3. Once the negative energy accumulated to a volume that one can not handle any longer, The body and mind will stay function, and the person will have a breakdown physically or mentally, and different symptoms will show up.

Stage 4. Stage 3 can trigger one’s emotion, and the person may go through an overwhelming emotional Stage, which can cause Stage 5.

Stage 5. The any of the nine angles can stimulate this stage without the developing process of stage 2,3 and 4.

The earlier we take action on termination, the high rate we can save our lives with high life quality in business, career and personal life.

List of The Professional Who Can Suffer Alot

-Sheila Burke

Below are those professional who can easily be triggered by the nine angles in life journey and be led to a breakdown or tragic ending without even a sign.
Entrepreneurs and business owners: In the competitive commercial world, ambition is a drive, but also a cause of the unwanted consequence if one doesn’t hold the knowledge on how to connect self at level 5. One of the samples is Michael Treichl, An Austrian tycoon and investment banker.

Executive members like CEO, Directs of Board. Overloaded tension is the killer. Only the skill on termination of internal suffer can save one from any unexpected damage. The sad sample is Steve Jobs, the Previous CEO, Apple.

Performers like musician, actors, magicians, etc. are victims of ignorance of Self Mastery on termination of internal suffering.
In the dynamic performing industry with too much emotion is required for the need of performing. A high level of skills on how to reverse and adjust the energy inside self is vital.
‘Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela” Wilson’ is designed for this purpose

Termination of Any internal suffering is a skill one can not afford to miss.

Let’s get started!

What Result and Value Will You Get  From The ‘2hrs Remote coaching’ Package?

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【Dr Will spend 3-4hrs  on analytics and strategic design before the session 】【You will get the full recording of the 2hrs】

Get Instant Solutions Now, Before too Late!

During the 2 hours’ remote coaching package, you will get the following:

1. Analytics based on your questionnaire

2. Clear with the causes of your concern at a different level.

3. Clear with the various options on how to fix them temporarily, periodically or permanently.

4. Clear on how to identify risks and protect yourself if you choose self-education or from other resources.

5. Action plan for temporary, periodical and lifetime needs.

6. Answers to all your questions ( Based on Dr. Preparation in audit and analytics.ect before meeting you     )

7. More tips, etc. will be provided if time allows.

In one word, you will hold the safe and ultimate recipe and action plan on how to live free without blockages that you don’t want to connect with.

I will build a series strategy for you, based on your answers on questionnaire.

The steps are:
Step 1

You pay through PayPal or bank deposit and the payment is received.

Step 2

You will receive an email regarding questionnaire and appointment date and time.

Step 3

You fill in the questionnaire or provide your own questions list and email back to us.

Step 4

Dr will do an audit and analytics in your case, and this step usually consumes 3-4 hours.

Step 5

Dr will meet you online or by phone deliver the 2hrs remote coaching.

Step 6

You will receive an email with video or audio/PDF download link at the earliest convenience, normally between hours and 2 days.

Why Does “Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela Wilson”  Your Best Choice?

In Order To Help Those Who Desire To Achieve Internal Freedom Live Her For The Best Quality In Business, Career And Personal Life, Dr Angela Wilson Spent 5 Years To Systemize The High-Tech –Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela Wilson

The Internal High-Tech‘Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela Wilson’ With 9 Angles and 8 Levels Practise has been helping her clients to enjoy better health and well-being as well as assistance with payment coverage from many private medical insurance companies.

She has also traveled to mainland China for a month to support and help with the psychological reconstruction work after the disaster in the Wenchuan Earthquake area.
Furthermore, she has a great deal of practical experience in dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD).

She has attended the Third Psychologists Conference of China as a special guest and was successfully selected to appear in the Psychologist Special Edition magazine. And that changes her life
After a decade of practicing she comes up with an idea to engage her expertise globally.

That’s why she builds the . . . Ultimate Self Mastery Academy, Which benefits Clients for different  Continents World Wide.

Angela Wilson’s life mission is to teach this set of unique techniques that can be integrated with world peace to everyone who is still working so hard to search for answers just like she was once before.

According to her, if every one of us can master the techniques to sustainably realise our dreams through constantly improving the level of our inner peace, then the world will be more peaceful.

Over the years, so many clients have expressed their deep desire of learning the complete set of techniques regarding Infinite Wisdom Experience.

Because according to them, the effect of the course will:
1. Be able them to deal with highly intensive projects and situations with more flexibility and higher efficiency.

2. Be able them to improve the ability to deal with family and career issues and all kinds of emergency incidents in life.

3. Be able them to train the ability of facing desperate conditions in life with stronger mentality and turning things around.

4. Be able them to maintain a positive state of mind more consistently and have stronger executive power to become more competitive in your career and

5. Be able them to view life from a new perspective and more effectively make plans for career and family, and improve the well-being.

Over the past 15 years, she has been helping many high achievers from different background, regions, professions and incomes to deal with the main problems in their lives.

If you feel desperate about your situation, perhaps she is the envoy who can teach and help you to retrieve hope and master a set of special and multifunctional tools.

-Anthony Robins

-Lao Tzu

Dr Angela Wilson Survived From The Impossible Using This Internal High-tech

-Sheila Burke

She is the living proof of surviving from inextricable problems and impossible situations in life.
She is one of the extremely few mentors in the world who has the courage to risk her life.

She is “able to take you to a wonderful adventure”
She is . . .
Dr. Angela Wilson
Wilson was  . . .

Born Unwanted

Mom claimed Her Regret For Not Having her Drown At The First Moment

Lived In Fear Of Being abandon Or Killed Each Day

Physically And Emotionally Abused Daily

Forced To Sleep Many Years In A smelling Bed filled With flying and crawling bugs

Mom’s complaint Is The Only Birthday Gift She Can Expect

Forced To Hold incorrect Record of Birthdate Lifetime

Wish To Be Kidnapped by human Trafficking Just To Save Her From Hell

Many Times suicide Intention

Survived From a Disfigurement at Age 18

Escaped From Home

Have Being Homeless

A baby girl who was discriminated and disfavored at the moment of birth
At the age of 6, she decided to get rid of the indoctrination of
fatalism or submitting to the fate from her family.

Her life has been cursed by the family for the entire time.
At the age of 18, she was a survivor who suffered from disfigurement.

And she realized that she cannot change her journey if she is unwilling to move at all.
So she became a strong person who has the gumption to take actions and reach her goals at all risks.

Any adversity that she encountered or experienced cannot become the reasons to give up hope and Dr. Angela Wilson is the living proof of surviving from all kinds of inextricable problems and impossible situations in her life.

After a long years, she spent decades studying the secret of life, even with more than a dozen world-class healers in modalities that range from psychology, nutrition, Qigong, health sciences, success science, sociology, and had mentors that included business elites and internationally renowned British psychics, She found out the techniques without bridging the gaps are limiting.

Until one time she become a certified speaker, coach and therapist and hold many professional qualifications not limited to
Psychotherapy, Counseling, Life Coach, Nutrition, Dietitian, Qi Gong, I-Chin Readings, Soul Regression Therapy, Psychic readings, Past Life Regression Therapy, Transpersonal Art Therapy, Spiritual Knowledge & Philosophy, Parapsychology, Energy/Energetic Healing, Natural Spiritual Healing, Mindfulness Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, etc.

She is also professionally qualified in many different branches of subjects and fields such as:
Psychology, Sociology, Diet and Nutrition, Cookery and Energetics
She became a Ph.D. in Parapsychology and Paranormal Science
And she has the ability to combine all the subjects and put them to practice.

Let’s get started!

What Previous Clients Are Saying:

‘Dr. Angela Wilson’s ability to take you deep is unmatched by anyone in the helping profession that I have encountered. The results for me were fast. She goes straightly to the points…’
‘Angela takes one to places that others can’t. The journey is both fascinating and enlightening…’


【How Does ‘Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela Wilson‘ Work?】

Step 1. Start With Introduction coaching, named as Proactive Strategy and Action Plan just to understand the basic theory and basic practice for current needs. The video recording is providedClients can choose to practise independently by following the tailored video.

Step 2. Clients can choose to purchase a package of coaching which is designed for a period of practice targeting reasonable result.

Step 3. Clients Can choose regular coaching, so Dr Angela Wilson can track down the progress and adjust the techniques promptly for the best outcome without delay or missing the very moments that can trigger best result.

Step 4. Clients Can purchase VIP care under an agreement.


Terms & Conditions (Guarantee and Refund Policy)

Best Value Guaranteed

Best value for each option is guaranteed. Our goal is to assist you to master the ‘Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr. Angela Wilson’ through internal freedom for a peak experience in business, career and personal life through the whole life journey. A series of from offers is provided from the free recorded material, live seminar up to lifetime free membership based on the service of your choice.

100% Results Guaranteed

‘Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela Wilson’ is designed solely for a result-driven purpose. Clients can choose the one-off self-coaching session. It gives clients freedom of practice independently with recording and of deadline-setting at own wish.

The Upgraded choices are Walk-You-Through periodical package and 24/7 Standby coaching.
The former option provides you intensive and detailed instruction and adjustment with accuracy based on need periodically.

The 2nd option,24/7 provides you prompt and timely coaching based on the very moment.

Refund Policy

As this is result-driven coaching, our service only fits those who seriously take own life journey in control and ready to make the action for results.

New clients are entitled to 2hrs remote coaching session ONCE. No refund is not accepted. So please follow us on the website and our Youtube channel for more confidence from your own side.

The upgraded service is only for existing clients, and it will be delivered under an agreement by email.

Dr. Angela Wilson