Ultimate Optimisation Of Soul Intelligence

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New Contemporary Training Technique Introduced As The Key

To Ultimate Success Through Soul Development

For persons who have been doing a lot of soul-searching in recent times, there is a new and unique technique developed by Dr Angela Wilson that spans all aspects of life. This training has been praised for helping persons to tap into their inner self to achieve massive success in life.

The tailored ‘Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela Wilson’ course is developed to integrate one’s business, career and personal life as their internal power all in one. It encompasses nine different aspects of life and takes persons through eight levels of self-development training.

This new training applies beyond most conservative therapies, coaching, counseling, healing principles that align with internal personal development. The technique is said to work in tandem with one’s own internal energy to achieve desired results covering the entire life journey in business, career and personal life.

Deemed the key to success in the physical, emotional and spiritual aspect of the human existence, the Ultimate Self Mastery  With Dr Angela Wilson coaching offers individuals the opportunity to reach within themselves as they go through the eight-tier training to unearth their true great potential.

The Ultimate Soul Development aspect of the 9-module training is inextricably linked to all the other aspects of the physical life. It encompasses the way one deals with their health, social and family life, and their purpose in life, which are all covered in the other eight modules.

“As we are spiritual beings, using the popular term, the training had to include an aspect that helps to empower and strengthen the spiritual self within us as we aim to live a highly valuable life that is full of success and abundance, expressed Dr Wilson.

The technique is not quite similar to the kind of treatment one would receive at a religious seminar or at a session with a psychiatrist. It rather teaches persons how to save self and lead their own destiny by applying their own internal energy.

The training is said to be most beneficial for persons with great ambition who serve on a large scale. It is deemed to be one of the most powerful techniques to becoming an influencer and discovering one’s life purpose. The unique nature of the training diminishes the possibility of conflicts with one’s own mindset or philosophy. 

Due to the range of issues this training spans, persons can receive a one-time deal on a formula that tackles various life issues – reducing the likelihood of shopping around for different solutions for issues of different aspects of one’s life.

“I’ve seen where many people have benefited from a big volume of training and courses but still have issues. They find themselves repeatedly going back to that person or trying to find another influencer and then have to be learning and relearning different even conflicted techniques and so on and so forth,” expressed Dr Wilson. But with ‘USMWDAW’ training, you can only keep going up one level. Once you get to a higher level, you should be able to manage a higher task, have a higher understanding and fix problems easier, because students master the skill on how to self-updating, and self-programming, yes they are own programmer who understands the accuracy of internal self” she added.

One satisfied customer, Shelley, shared her experience with the ‘Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela Wilson’ training, “Angela takes one to places that others can’t. The journey is both fascinating and enlightening. She has a gentle, caring manner. She has the skills to help you through the most complicated situations. I am happy to recommend her services to you, especially if you have been searching for answers for a long time.”

Inspired by Anthony Robbin over 15 years ago, Dr Angela Wilson is on the journey to serve those who desire both spiritual growth and want to make a difference in reality.

Instant Solutions In Just 2hrs

Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela Wilson Covers 9 Angles +8 Levels

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For the 2 hours’ remote coaching, you will get the following:

1. Analytics based on your questionnaire

2. Clear with the causes of your concern at a different level.

3. Clear with the various options on how to fix them temporarily, periodically or permanently.

4. Clear on how to identify risks and protect yourself if you choose self-education or from other resources.

5. Action plan for temporary, periodical and lifetime needs.

6. Answers to all your questions

7. More tips, etc. will be provided if time allows.

In one word, you will hold the safe and ultimate recipe and action plan on how to live free without blockages that you don’t want to connect with.

Bonus: You will get the video recording free for your reference.

I will build a series strategy for you, based on your answers on questionnaire.

The steps are:
Step 1

You pay through PayPal or bank deposit and the payment is received.

Step 2

You will receive an email regarding questionnaire and appointment date and time.

Step 3

You fill in the questionnaire or provide your own questions list and email back to us.

Step 4

Dr will do an audit and analytics in your case, and this step usually consumes 3-4 hours.

Step 5

Dr will meet you online or by phone deliver the 2hrs remote coaching.

Step 6

You will receive an email with video or audio/PDF download link at the earliest convenience, normally between hours and 2 days.