Ultimate Success

The content here is based on some international media reports and interviews.

Powerful One-stop Formula For Achieving Ultimate Success

Dr Angela used her over decades of knowledge and experience to develop a tool deemed to be the most effective formula beyond neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) disciplines and limitation for achieving ultimate success.

With five years effort, Dr Wilson, born in China and resided in Australia, finally sharpened a hybrid formula that is said to yield high-performance results, ie. Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela Wilson.

This unique invention is based on her skills and clinical expertise in the professional fields, include but not limited to, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Nutrition, Dietitian, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Qi Gong, I-Ching Readings, Soul Regression Therapy, Psychic readings, Past Life Regression Therapy, Transpersonal Art Therapy, Spiritual Knowledge & Philosophy, Parapsychology, Energy/Energetic Healing, and more.

The Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela Wilson formula is an Internal High-Tech that can help any determined achiever to accomplish breakthrough success.  Due to the nature of the application of this technique, purposely it can replace the internal blocks with the right energy and fervour that creates the stability that can repel any external triggers which might have a negative impact. This, in turn, would help to easily get rid of any type of anxiety and fear that may arise during critical moments.

The technique focuses on the entire life journey spanning your business, career and personal life all in one. Unlike the approach that Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbin and John De Martini use, Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela Wilson Aims to tap into the personal inner core to achieve internal freedom during the whole life experience in business, career and personal life. The eight levels of training and self-development are all tailored to the desired results for individuals’ needs.

The tailored coaching including standard course help persons who no longer want to live in fear or continuously experience stress or anxiety. Since decades, Dr Angela invested in all kinds of training, courses and took adventures in the past decades, just want to find the best version of herself.

Without the ambition of surviving without internal conflict, She would have ended up like many wasted a fortune but at the end still can not avoid sudden breakdown or tragic ending, because of the massive burden hidden from the ages ago and from the daily cumulation without awareness.

As an expert of Therapist, counselor, and healer with a background in psychology, etc., she knows the limitation on result stability, depth of level and side-effect to the professionals. The fixes that might turn out to be very expensive without a convincing outcome and unnatural to apply to every area one’s life. The evidence is so apparent when looking back at those celebrities with a tragic ending. 

The ‘Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela Wilson’ training is designed for a lifetime success. It focuses on integrating the business, career and personal life as it allows you to tap into your internal power to the level needed or desired. She added that the 8-level technique can work for anyone with a high drive and will to achieve great success, as training covers tailored approach that is unique to each individual integrated with first-hand practice on universal Principle.

Instant Solutions In Just 2hrs

Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela Wilson Covers 9 Angles +8 Levels

Book in Your 1-on-1 tailored video coaching for only $497.

You will get this e-book free as a bonus.

Get Instant Solutions Now, Before too Late!

For the 2 hours’ remote coaching, you will get the following:

1. Analytics based on your questionnaire

2. Clear with the causes of your concern at a different level.

3. Clear with the various options on how to fix them temporarily, periodically or permanently.

4. Clear on how to identify risks and protect yourself if you choose self-education or from other resources.

5. Action plan for temporary, periodical and lifetime needs.

6. Answers to all your questions

7. More tips, etc. will be provided if time allows.

In one word, you will hold the safe and ultimate recipe and action plan on how to live free without blockages that you don’t want to connect with.

Bonus: You will get the video recording free for your reference.

I will build a series strategy for you, based on your answers on questionnaire.

The steps are:
Step 1

You pay through PayPal or bank deposit and the payment is received.

Step 2

You will receive an email regarding questionnaire and appointment date and time.

Step 3

You fill in the questionnaire or provide your own questions list and email back to us.

Step 4

Dr will do an audit and analytics in your case, and this step usually consumes 3-4 hours.

Step 5

Dr will meet you online or by phone deliver the 2hrs remote coaching.

Step 6

You will receive an email with video or audio/PDF download link at the earliest convenience, normally between hours and 2 days.