Washington County Behavioral Health Board urges voters to pass Mental Health Levy

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) – There were three speakers Thursday at the ‘House of Hope’ to speak on behalf of the medicaid expansion on needs for mental health services for Washington and Morgan counties.

The CEO of the Ohio Association of Behavioral Health authorities, Cheri Walter, along with the Washington-Morgan community action spokesman, David Brightbill and executive director of the Washington County Behavioral Health Board, David Browne all spoke at the press conference is in response to Washington county’s mental health crisis.

The Behavioral Health Board has unanimously approved a resolution urging voters to pass an additional levy of 0.5 mils for five years.

This levy would generate $737,000 in new revenue annually for essential prevention, treatment and recovery programs for children, adolescents and adults at risk for mental illness and substance use disorders.

This is the fourth levy since 2008 that has attempted to be passed.

Source » http://www.thenewscenter.tv/content/news/Washington-County-Behavioral-Health-431626443.html

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