Wealth & Freedom=Lifetime Success

No matter whether we hold strong willpower or not, and no matter whether we are rich or not, when facing the destiny, we can only surrender.

What causes the fact?

Dare you face the unknown self?

Dare you wake up the sleeping giant inside you?

Are you ready for the challenge of higher and full potential?

If you have tried numerous ways and still fail to live with freedom, you may like to review the limit of own mind.

‘We Can not solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.’-Albert Einstein

‘Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela Wilson’- 8 levels of the Personal development system is the key to breakthrough the neck bottle of self-updating to full potential.

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Obstacle and pitfalls are part of human experience during lifetime, and

it is an excellent setup if we know how to make good use of the power brought.

We can use it to shift our emotional and physical control to a higher level stability and avoid life elimination through a tragic ending.

Ultimate Self Mastery with Dr. Angela Wilson assists you on the goal-setting with a tangible measurement.

Monthly Online Seminar Global-1hr

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Without have it fixed equals carrying an untimed bomb for explosion anytime when it is ready.

Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela Wilson can only double your life quality with tangible outcome rather than getting frozen with the confusions and stress.

Online Seminar-1 day

High performance in any shape of forms can be a sign of over burning and a controllable and measurable use of own energy can give a higher score on avoiding a sudden breakdown or a tragic ending.

The uncontrollable high performance can create an enormous barrier to rehabilitation that requires aggressive and high effort to reverse. Without the knowledge and first-hand experience in the degree of reasonable action for both current need and future energy storage, one can mislead self to an unwanted breakdown or a sudden tragic ending.

Lower Performance can depress our energy and slow down our process of achieving stronger power on steering our life direction stability and ensure a better ending.

When facing up and down moment, we will be so weak not to be able to survive mentally, emotionally and physically. Healthy high performance is an art that allows one juggles between temporary, long-term and lifetime goals without getting lost.

Ultimate Self Mastery with Dr. Angela Wilson assist you on how to use your internal sources from birth and manifest it with high performance and productivity.

Yearly Seminar, Bangkok, Thailand

Like the car on the road and computer in function, we can also face the moment of breakdown. When overwhelmed pressure within reach the limitation of absorbing, it will trigger physical and mental symptoms.  Most of the case, we feel helpless even there are answers from internal world.

We feel numb with the internal response, and we react in an opposite way that we should be and accelerate the worsen process.

Most of the time, it is the case, as we lost the ability to sense the message.  There is always the solution if we earn the skill from within. Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela Wilson can guard you for the best outcome you can even achieve.

The reverse function exists inside us. And we just need to learn how to trigger it at the right time. There are a variety of methods in practice in a different circumstance. Ultimate Self Mastery with Dr Angela Wilson coaches on how to identify and act on the subtle and vital moment to when facing a breakdown.

Stage 4. Devastating Issues

Devastating issues come alone with sudden, severe physical, emotional suffering, business, career and personal life can be out of control overnight.

Living in a human world with self-centered nature, who tend to do the best for own interest can drive us into an unpredictable difficulty.

The more we desire to engage into this commercial world, the more completed situation or even tricks we can be stuck into.

Without practising a skill set of retreat at any time, we live among the hell within; even we don’t like to describe like this.  The emotional suffering can be tremendous and long-lasting, which can influence several generations. 

Keeping a Conscious wisdom in this complicated world requires the stable skill of self-mastery.

Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr. Angela Wilson with the 9+8 practice can bring your confidence back and live away from the suffering of worries, fear and the sense of uncertainty. Most importantly it can stabilize your business, career and personal life much easier. 

Stage 5. life-threatening Moments

Life-threatening moments can come from health issues, an accident or even as a victim in some circumstances. Thus the solutions differ.

Determined achievers usually hold strong willpower. When facing a life-threatening situation, few can see the hope from within and fall into the spell of destiny due to lack of the first-hand practice regularly at different levels.

When we are used to delegating responsibilities to others, we forget a fact that no way we can outsource our life to the external world.

Mastery of a result-effective skill can save one but not to destroy.

Practice makes perfect.

Grasping the technique in Ultimate self Mastery with Dr. Angela Wilson can leverage our sense of confidence and the forceful leadership from the within at the very moment.

9+8=100% Termination Of Any Internal Suffering In Business, Career And Personal Life Caused By Nine Angels In Life Journey

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“安吉拉威尔逊博士终极自我解读。” 100%快速阻断因9个角度引起的压力,抑郁,焦虑等导致人生因各种疑难杂症引起的悲惨结局九个角度或模块包含:成功,领导力 ,身心整体健康,亲密关系,亲子关系,人生逆境,多元文化,人生目标,灵魂成长。这是终极一体式个人成长训练。集成功,健康,修行等为一体。全球远程服务。适合企业家, 商人,演艺人员,政治家等各界精英。确保避免张国荣,陈晓旭,赵薇和政界,商界人士的悲剧。


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‘Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela Wilson’ Tool

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100% 快速阻断因9个角度激发的压力、抑郁、焦虑等导致人生因各种疑难杂症引起的悲惨结局。可同时处理一个或多个角度的问题。集成功、健康、修行等为一体。九个角度或模块包含:成功、领导力、身心整体健康、亲密关系、亲子关系、人生逆境、多元文化、人生目标、灵魂成长










5 Stages Of Degradation Trend And Critical Moments

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第一阶段:慢性痛苦期。地球上的大多数人自有生命起,可能一生都处于此阶段。 “安吉拉.威尔逊博士终极自我解读”技术会采用各种混合技术的8个程度来训练客户或为客户处理信息库中的数据。可协助客户达到删除在人生9大方面的常年痛苦。



第三阶段:预防性行动期。有危机意识,可能采取某些措施,但仍然无法逃脱宿命。 “安吉拉.威尔逊博士终极自我解读”技术会采用各种混合技术的8个程度来训练客户或为客户处理和分析信息库中的数据,设定可行性的阶段性目标来阻断恶果的发生。





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与其他个人成长、治疗、咨询、疗愈的种种技术所不同的是,’安吉拉威尔逊博士终极自我解读’ 技术可以通过8个级别的训练程度来应对客户面临问题轻重缓急的需求,上,可达到终结和阻断;下,可应急性处理。万变不离其宗,都是在熟练解读自我的内在信息和应变处理。
熟练掌握和精通这套技术就可以确保心灵的自由和在毫无负担的情况下,实现自我在商业、职场和个人生活方面的价值体现, 同时100% 保证自己此生的成就可以圆满。






The Source Of ‘Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela Wilson’ and Partial Professional Qualifications

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玄学双博士 (主修超心理学和超自然学),持证灵异现象调查员,研究各种宇宙人类现象。认证的讲师、教练, 持有但不限于心理咨询与治疗、生活教练、营养与饮食、气功、易学解读、灵魂回溯治疗、通灵解读、前世回溯治疗、超个人艺术治疗、心灵知识与哲学、超心理学、灵异学、能量与能量治疗、自然心灵治疗、意念治疗、临床催眠治疗等专业资历。


Who Is The Best Fit For ‘Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela Wilson’?

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Grasping the technique in Ultimate self Mastery with Dr. Angela Wilson can leverage our sense of confidence and the forceful leadership from the within at the very moment.

Variety Of Service

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多种服务方式 严格保密原则





6. 为了最大限度地协助客户在安全的状态下达到效果,我们会在训练中嵌入1-8级的技术训练。

Keeping a Conscious wisdom in this complicated world requires the stable skill of self-mastery.

Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr. Angela Wilson with the 9+8 practice can bring your confidence back and live away from the suffering of worries, fear and the sense of uncertainty. Most importantly it can stabilize your business, career and personal life much easier. 

Privacy Policy

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Grasping the technique in Ultimate self Mastery with Dr. Angela Wilson can leverage our sense of confidence and the forceful leadership from the within at the very moment.


Hi, I am Dr Angela Wilson PhD, I am a freeman.

My journey on searching for freedom from within can reverse back to the day of my birth. I had been struggling to survive since then. My specialty integrated with my survival experience since little, professional study in many helping techniques and practise in how to stay on track from multiple breakdowns, life-threatening, chronic issue and devastating moment set up by an uncontrollable situation.

What I can tell you is that There are a hope and solution no matter how helpless it looks like, as long as one really get the power from within. I am alive proof of it.

I was regarded as “a person able to take you to places that others can’t. The journey is both fascinating and enlightening.”

In the past 15 years, I have been helping many people from different background, regions, professions and incomes to deal with the 9 main problems in their lives.

If we are a person who truly can take responsibility of own life, we can make it. A tragic ending like other archives will not be the fact of our truth.  Be a real open-mind power person to explore the self-hand practice is the only way to the other side of the sea.


“In contrast to the “band-aid/ just take another pill” approach that is epidemic in our society today, Angela’s approach addresses deeper, more core causes of health issues, which is refreshing and genuinely helpful.”
-Robert Grayson, Comedian


Before I tell you the price, please let me ask you some questions:

  1. How much does it worth to master the hologram that can guide your life journey and ensure that you can confidently deal with everyday?
  2. Is it good to more wisely face any unpredictable situations in life and confidently design your future and be free from an exhausting life?

A set of practical techniques connects and combines many different techniques to allow you to use what you have learned to completely manage the rest of your time, energy and money after the course, isn’t it amazing?

Do you know that many people spent 5 to 10 years of their life and wasted more than $100,000 to find a more convincing answer to only one question?

In the meantime, this course will teach you many different techniques to save your life and allow you to reverse the situation in time and avoid paying a lot to ask for help from many teachers who can’t solve their own your problems.


The Price for each tailored offer is different and it is negotiable … case by case.

Please click here … and we will contact you once receive your information




Terms & Conditions (Guarantee and Refund Policy)

Best Value Guaranteed

As a person with high integrity and ready for unlimited personal development to the highest level I can be, I am used to take any opportunity to improve myself. Delivering the best service and value as promised is just a shape of form how I can serve my best in this commercial reality.

100% Results Guaranteed

As a person with high integrity and ready for unlimited personal development to the highest level I can be, I am used to take any opportunity to improve myself. Delivering the best service and value as promised is just a shape of form how I can serve my best in this commercial reality.

Refund Policy

If You are the type of person who are used to take responsibility on action to be the best version you can be and follow the steps I teach, the result is a given.

Dr. Angela Wilson

The Secret Behind The Secret
-Why Do Most Motivated Achievers End Up with Tragedy?

  • No mentors who dare to take life risk can lead and walk-You-through for the result. Integration of business, career and personal life into our internal world is a specific field that requires a coach with holistic knowledge related to the competitive world and also the intensive skill in the mind power too.
  • Working with the mind, the unknown field to the most is very risky. Most of the coaches of coaches fail to reach the top level due because of fear of unknown. Of course, it means there is some hidden blockage is not cleaned up properly.
  •  We are conditioned to live in our comfort zone, so a particular technique is needed to remove the blockage and activate our willpower that works on risk management in life journey.  Without this essential step, it is so predictable that one will lose control in when a lousy twist happens in business, career and personal life.
  • It is always too late to take the correct action. Without conscious awareness, we are not able to foresee the tendency of a twist. Once facing the critical moments, our mind is taken by the fear, and one can easily lose the control. There is a minimum chance, that one can focus and understand the instruction on how to reserve and pursuit an effective crisis management.

                                                                                                     The Secret Behind 
At Global scale, those celebrities and top elites who have learnt positive mindset, motivation, transformation, spirituality, etc. various personal development etc. Still, fail to save their lives at the critical moment, due to physical or mental breakdown like Steve jobs, the previous Apple CEO, and Michael Treichl, An Austrian tycoon and investment banker.



Most techniques in the marketplace focus on depressing and hiding the blockage deeply enough so it would not show quickly and one can move on. This kind of feeling can mislead us to be opinionated and refused to face our real internal world at the bigger scale. When all conditions tick, the tragic ending is a given without even a chance to reverse.




However, to get the rooted causes removed, the mentor, the master needs to have the skill coaching not only the knowledge but also the safe formula to deal with the intangible energy realm, the deepest level of our consciousness.



Unfortunately, this is what the barrier that most coach, mentor, therapist and healer are unable to conquer themselves. It means they don’t hold first-hand of experience dealing with unknown fear.




Ultimate Self Mastery With Dr Angela Wilson’ differs from the rest benefiting from Dr Angela Wilson’s hardship since birth.

Better Not To Hesitate Befor Too Late, Regrets Can Not Reverse The Tragedy!

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