WRITE TEAM: Mothers can’t live up to perfect expectations

Lately, the word perfection in parenting has caught my eye on social media and throughout different situations.
As a writer and a mother, I know this is a figment of my imagination. Perfection among moms seems to be more of a contest. It seems that millennial moms want to do it all and be praised for it. Baby boomers do not and will not understand the stress moms today are under to try and be perfect parents. We get judged on everything.
The world of parenting has changed drastically and let me explain why. Most parents find themselves trying to live up to this idea that parents can’t mess up or that they have to abide by so many rules in order to raise children. If you breastfeed you are labeled as health conscious. If you choose to co-sleep you are labeled as unsafe.
Labels come in all forms in the parenting world and being called a “bad mom” is not out of the question. It’s actually annoying to see this because we are all just starting out as moms when we have children. We have many options in raising our children and our choices should not define how we are viewed to the outside world.
There is no perfect mother and most of us are just learning while others were once a first time mom. When I had my son I asked my mom how I would handle raising a baby and she replied, “Your instincts will kick in.” It’s true, You just know. I’ve been a mom for nine years and I am still learning yet failing at so much.
My daughter calls me a bad mom on a daily basis and that’s alright because I know I am doing something right. I’m a bad mom when she doesn’t want to go to school or bed. I’m a bad mom because I make her eat her food. She hates me every day. I’m OK with that, but I’m not OK with others bringing another mother down. Perfect does not exist in either a mother, father, or just life in general. We are all growing and learning as human beings. Moms are no different and we are not superhuman.
Mistakes within parenting is bound to happen and that’s good because without mistakes there would be no learning limits. There would also be no kids to say they hate you every day because if a kid is always happy with their parents then that’s too perfect in my eyes. I want to be hated because then my kids know they are loved and they are being taken care of. Whether I choose a certain school or how I ground my kids at least I know that choice is irrelevant because in my eyes my kids are being parented.
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